I Must Confess…

I have a distraction.

It gets in they way.

Poetry and rhymes.

Follow me all day.

Bad puns float on their heals.

Corny jokes pop along, too.

What should I do with all of this?

Write a blog, or two?


It is like opening a can of worms. Start writing, you will see. The bug bites hard, and it is really quite difficult to break away.

Now, the corny jokes and bad puns are always with me. It’s a quirky part of my personality, along with the funky socks and brightly colored clothes. I just cannot help, but be me.

An example of a corny joke I said recently… A bit of background first, the door to the barn blew open and the sheep went in. They are not allowed in this part if the barn as they will eat all, or most of, the hay, and make a mess of things. Anyway, upon hearing that they were in the barn, I say, “Did they look sheepish?” πŸ˜†

I’m still laughing about it, but I seem to be the only one amused. Atleast, in my house. πŸ˜†

So here I am writing because what else would I do? Write it all in a journal and not share it with all of you.

Some might say the journal is a better option. I say stop following. πŸ˜‰ As I rather enjoy sharing my poems and writings with the world.

Hope they bring much joy and light to all who truly appreciate them.

Thank you to those of you who take the time to like and comment. I truly appreciate all of you. I also appreciate those who read and silently like, so keep doing your thing, too. 

Love and blessings, πŸ’• Carrie

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Owl Grant Your Wish

Owl sat on his tree limb, waiting, as always, for a wish to buzz by.

Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz…

“There it is!” He laughed.

Grabbing it out of the air with his beak. He quickly grasped it in his talons, and gently unfolded it.

“I wish for a new bike.” The wish said.

“We will see.” thought Owl.

He closed his eyes and brought up a vision of the boy who wished for a new bike.

The boy was playing with a group of kittens, who’s mom was out hunting a meal for them. The boy had sandy blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a heart that shone brightly.

Owl smiled and choose to grant the wish.

The next day, Timmy, the boy who wished for a bike, was in town with his mom. They were buying groceries.

Upon leaving the store, Timmy saw an ad for a bike, like the one he wished for. He asked his mom if he could have the bike. She smiled and said they would have to see how much it cost.

Timmy sighed. Praying it did not cost much.

It turned out, the boy who owned the bike had bought a new bike and wanted to pass his old bike onto someone else.

The someone else turned out to be Timmy.

Opportunities Are Knocking

I heard a tapping at the door. Grumbling to myself, I uncurled from my seat, set my book down, and went to the door.

You stood there. Disheveled and ragged. It was hard to tell if the rain caused your unappealing appearance, or if you naturally looked that way. Tufts of blonde stuck out in all directions.

Your eyes sought mine. Pleading for shelter. Pleading for warmth and comfort from the storm.

The covered porch was keeping you dry for now, but the wind howled in gusts causing those blond tufts to continuously rearrange in a new disheveled state.

Pleading, soulful, brown eyes looked at me.

I knew what would happen if I let you in. I knew you would steal my heart. Uproot my life. Even knowing this, I stepped aside.

You trotted past. Sniffing at the table where my keys lay in a bowl. Tail slightly wagging; you looked back at me. In your eyes was relief to be warm and pleading to be accepted.

I patted your head, and suggested you get dry and fed. You grinned. More at the prospect of eating, then the drying part, I know.

Dry, fed, and warm. You sat at my feet while I posted a picture of you on the lost and found. Praying you were not lost to someone, but found.

The Door Has Opened

You waited a long time to finally notice. 
My bags are packed.
My foot is out the door.

You cry,
"But, Wait! I will try harder! I Promise!"
Truth is, I have waited excruciatingly long for you to try a little bit,

For you to show me you even knew I existed.
I cannot wait anymore.

The door has opened.
One foot is resting on freedom.
The other foot is tapping it's goodbye.

See you.
Not even in the next life.