Sleeping In

Roosting quietly on a branch.

He waits for the sun to rise higher in the sky

as this morn is a bit cold. I think I might take after him.

Except I would have to go back in

as I have already left my bed. Woken early

to find this sleepy head.


Accepting Winter

Trees are bare, well most of them. Open branches to the sky.

Dormant and resting. Quietly accepting their place in the winter

landscape. Even if winter has not yet begun, autumn is getting quieter

as she hands over the reigns. To colder shorter days.


Invigorating Wind

The air was alive with crisp, cold, invigorating wind.

Hitting her face, causing her to feel every piece of skin.

Often we think of the cold as numbing, but it really is alive.

Causing every cell to dance in an effort to keep warm.

She felt it. Deep in the marrow of her being. A wholeness so alive,

So glorious, it shone brighter than the sun.

She wanted nothing more than to shout it from the rooftops.

‘I’m alive!’

Instead she finished walking toward the chicken coop to clean it out.

Apologizing to the birds for causing them to leave the warmth of their home,

But knowing it would be temporary as the cleaning did not take long.

Smiling as she worked. Feeling the rhythm, like a dance, scoop, turn, toss, repeat.

Until back outside, in the invigorating wind. Feeling alive again.

Seeing the moments for what they are, and reveling in the beauty of the day. 

Calling the chickens back inside. 

They chirp quietly from their spot on the front porch.

Not quite ready to go in. Puffed and enjoying the cold, invigorating wind.

It Snowed Today

It was God’s way to wash

the world in a blanket of white

purify and delight

hold up all our rights

change the course in the night.

It was God’s will to blanket our world. 

Extinguish the greys with the brightest of whites.

Blinding in our delight.

Thank you for the new day. For this beautiful sight.