No Reflection Needed

The water makes the perfect mirror.

When conditions are just right.

At other times the water says,

I only reflect what’s mine.

So deep within it’s depths it holds

Mysteries, and maybe gold.
A time will come. 

Reflecting many. Reflecting none. 

Showing clear the waters depth.

Were life is flourishing.


The Pines And Stones

Across the expanse of shore

The pines grew. Tall and small. Fragrant.

Swaying, gently in the breeze.

Her toes curled in the cool water.

The smooth stones shone in the early light.

Gleaming like more precious stones

as the water moved over them.

Ebbed and flowed. The waves rolled calmly in.

The soft hum of birds as they woke filled the air.

She was sure that heaven would be like this.

Calm and warm. Soothing. Sensual. Beautiful. Natural.

Smelling of pine trees and ocean breeze.

Flowing Forward

Listen. Listen.

One cannot help, but listen.

Frozen, mossy, downed tree,
May I sit upon thee?
If you'd like, I can agree.
Do note the frost on top of me.

It's fine, I say, what's a little cold these days?
When spring is almost here?
Yes, tree, yes. Spring is in the air.

Listen. One cannot help but listen.
As the water rushes past.
Thoughts, what thoughts!
They do not last.

Thank you for your time with me.
Mossy downed and frozen tree.
Oh, thank you for sitting quietly.
Upon my world that passes free.

Carrie 2020