Surrounded By

Enveloped in the warmth of wooded country side

She walks quietly by. Surrounded by

the old wisdom, whispered in the fallen leaves.

Greeted by the trees, the butterfly, the birds, and

thee. A couple, wise and steady. Coming together for the season.

Walking through the woods. Communing with those willing to listen. listen.

Greetings. She calls out. He snorts his acknowledgement,

never taking his eyes off her, yet keenly aware of the other presence.

She offers an acorn as a token for her visit. Accepted. They all move on. The couple to their destination. The women to her’s.

Meeting again once more to acknowledge the new born fawn. The newest keeper of the forest. Surrounded by love.

The Nugget

It all started with a tiny little nugget, or maybe it was a seed. A small nuggling. A little dream. It started; yes, it did.

Then it blossomed into more. Blooming, unfolding, deliciously new. Something so small, grew and grew.

Now it is big enough to plant hundreds of seeds. Spreading far and wide for the world to believe.

Remember one thing, it maybe a nugget today, give it some time, nourish it, and soon it will be as large (maybe even bigger) than you could perceive.

Hang onto your dreams.

Love and blessings. 💕 Carrie ©2019

Live. Breathe. Repeat.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Live. Breathe. Repeat.

It's as simple as that
With a twist
I would like to add
This little bit...

Laugh. Dance. Giggle. Snort. Chuckle. Contort. Cry. Sigh. Create. Play. Write. Fly. Nurture. Joke. Run. Skip. Jump. Go. Flow. Feel. Grow.

Live. Breath. Repeat.

Chasing Happiness

The almost elusive happiness is up around the bend.
I made it there, but wait!
It rounded the corner again.

I know, I will speed up!
Yes, I got it.
I am sprinting fast.
"Happiness, here I come!"
Happiness speeds past.

Maybe that shiny jet will catch it.
Still out of reach.
I give up.
I go to rest on the beach.

Lying on the sand, wishing the chase was not futile.
I resigned and gave in.
In that moment, I turn to find,

Happiness resting beside me.
"Sometimes you need to surrender and let go.
Happiness will find you."


You visit me in dreams. 
Bushy tail.
Grinning face.
Mysterious, yet joyful.

Most see you as a trickster, a prankster,
a figment of imagination.
You are but a breath at times.
Bounding through our lives.
Chasing the chickens.
Upheaving my life.

Other times, you appear in shadows.
Murky images in my mind.
I blink and find you were imagined.
Yet, the trail cam captured you perfectly.
Posing as if you were on vacation.
Perhaps you were.
Visiting a relative.
How would I know.
You drift by so infrequently,
you might not be the same.


Perched on the deck railing. Looking all around. He caws once. Enough to get my attention. My attention captured. He starts his dance. Bouncing up and down on the railing, head bobbing. I can almost hear the music he must be listening to. His feet catch the rhythm; send him jumping all around. Now his head is bobbing, feet are jumping, tail feathers are twitching, and he starts singing. Caws of music. Rhythm all his own. He is joy. He is light. He is music.

Gloriously Whole

If it's bent,
it is not broken.
If it's broken,
it is not shattered.
If it's shattered,
it is not whole.

Yet with a soul,
it can be broken.
It can be bent.
It can be shattered.
It will be whole.

The broken pieces are not needed;
they can be swept away.
The bent pieces create a newness that lives today.
The shattered parts were just illusions; parts we were told to play.

We let them go.

The broken.
The bent.
The shattered.
To find we are gloriously whole.


Heart, Lead Me

Lead me astray, down a path far away,
Sweep away the doubts, the fears; wipe away the tears.

Lead me astray, down a path far away,
To a field by a stream where I can replenish my dream.

Lead me astray, down a path far away.
To a point where I can say,
"Thank you, Heart, I needed this today."


You appeared in my mind like a snapshot. 
A brief glimpse of something to come.
In a suit and tie, eyes gleaming,
smile locked on your face like it rested there most days.

Handsome was not even coming close to an accurate description.

Slightly disheveled hair,
like your ran your hand through it several times in the day.

Who you were, I had not a clue.
Why you appeared to me, was questionable.
Yet there you were.
Looking like an ad out of a magazine, but you were not.

No you were...a figment of my imagination?
Maybe, but this had happened before.
Josie's fourth grade teacher's face appeared to me days before I met her.

What does this all mean?
Am I going to meet you?
From past experience, I know this is true.

What I do not know is how, why, where.
That part always leaves me ruminating.
This will be interesting when it plays out.
Hopefully, I do not make a spectacle of myself.