More Hearts!

In another post I wrote about a heart shaped flower, and I mentioned seeing lots of hearts lately. 

You may visit that post here: A Piece Of My Heart

I was ambling around the yard today with my camera in an attempt to receive inspiration. (Bonus the weather was hot with a mild breeze.)

I noticed the morning glory has grown into a rather attractive heart shape.

It causes me to reflect on the spiritual concept of oneness. As the larger heart is one heart containing many, unique, individual hearts. Ahh…


Anyway, more of that love shining in the world.
Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie
Please feel free to comment if you see, or have seen, any heart shapes.

Which reminds me: My son saw a hair band at the park that was lying on the ground in the shape of a heart. It was a bit yucky to have photographed, and my battery had died, your at least spared that detail. 😉 😏

Blessings again! ♥

Rising To Your Level

Rising to Your level the air is fresh and sweet. The clouds roll lazily past me as I drift though the stream. It was always this You remind me. What we might call lazy. You said is ours to enjoy.

Rising to Your level You reach Your hand toward me. Outstretched and hopeful I grasp for what I need. Quietly accepting the service I must employ. The gentle knowing that I am here to bring You joy.

Rising to Your level I sweep a sigh aside as the fresh, gentle breezes pull me to the sky. Open is a spiral drifting in front of me. Quietly I accept it pulling forward I no longer seek. Instead there is acceptance. An inner knowing that is strong. Open to the flow of the universal song.

I ask…

I ask for grace and ease.

A loving sense of peace.

I ask for breaths so deep.


I ask for calm to come.

I ask for tranquility.

An envelope of loving energy.

I ask for it all.

Walking through this uncertain time.

I ask for every being affected, to have the peace they need.

To have a quiet mind.

To feel and spread love.

As we all can do.

I ask to be present when I speak to you.

I ask for understanding.

For quiet calming breaths.

As this time we are muddling through, will soon pass to the next.

As we pass through, I ask it be; a passage full of grace and ease.

Loving energy.

Soak up what I’m asking as the moments come along.

Keep that quiet love we hold within our hearts now.

May it radiate to every being who needs love and joy.

May the planet and it’s inhabitants enjoy peace throughout the land.

I ask for all of this, and one more thing today.

May all this loving energy be passed along the way.

Fill the hearts who need it with, love and joy and laugh.

I ask for all of it.

I ask…

Carrie 💕 2020