I Have Grown Fond

I really enjoy the quiet. The goldfinch pair

nesting in the tree in the backyard. Their babies 

crying for food.

The day the fledglings took flight. Reminding me of my kids 

when we take a trip anywhere. Constantly

chattering and chirping about anything. With a million ‘Mom look at this’ thrown in.

My brain scatters in a million directions as I remember to breath. Which sounds odd,

but I have this awful habit of breathing shallow, which is like not breathing at all. 

In overwhelming situations I need to remember to breathe. Just breathe. 

My mind singing, Just Breathe, as I remind myself. Which causes a whole meandering

of other songs as I try not to get stuck on that one. The one that always gets stuck. 

The one I cannot remember anything, but a few words. I even think the tone

is wrong as I quietly sing it to myself.

Looking for comfort in a day that felt all uncomfortable. Like clothes that get wet in the rain.

Drying to a stiff, chaffing fabric. Making it important to remember to breathe.

I really have grown fond of the quiet. The one that sat between those thoughts.

While I watched the goldfinch family teach the young to fly. The fledglings chirping

excitedly as they swooped down to greet a chicken. Who looked slightly amused or confused.

 I laughed out loud. Enjoying the quiet between thoughts. Between words. Between ‘Mom!’ Demands.

I really enjoy the quiet.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Cast Upon The Shore

Staring idly at the boat bobbing in the smooth water.

She hoped for crashing, smashing waves, but found calm waters today.

Cool breezes to smooth over her face. She sat cross legged watching the boat.

Wondering how big it was. From her perspective, it fit on the tip of her pointer finger.

She knew it had to be bigger. Unless the fairies where out for a daytime float.

Which was not at all possible, because everyone knew fairies…

Did not sail the ocean. Maybe it was not fact. As she learned after school, and after life,

facts did not always hold true. Bobbing. The boat came a little closer. Sizing up. It might fit her thumb.

Definitely not fairies, but still cannot rule out the gnomes. Cranky little critters.

Waters to calm for them. She sighed and stood. Brushing sand off her bottom. Dress fanning and swaying

As she brushed. Gulls swooped then. Probably hoping for a meal, but she did not bring food this time. 

Quietly apologizing, she walked past them as they hopped along. Black eyes searching her to see if she 

was telling the truth. 
The walk back to her place was short. The boat from there was indiscernable. She squinted then laughed. 

Like squinting could make it bigger or clearer. Laughing at herself she went in to fix a snack. 

Thinking she might have to share with the gulls as they chattered heartily on her porch rail.