Ahhh…That Sound.

The crunch of leaves on the ground.

The ruffle of feathers as the geese fly south.

The brush of a breeze, warming our knees.

The sweater fitting, just right.

The animals gathering food and chattering

their farewells for the day.

Tucking in. The summer will end.

Pulling the covers over our head.

To sleep peacefully in the night.

Awakening to the day dawning. Bird song.

New season upon us. Glorious!

I love the changing of seasons! Mainly, I really like change. Not constant forced change, but the lovely changes that help life flow more gracefully.

I am always looking for these changes. I am sure this drives those close to me crazy, but it’s who I am. I no longer want to change that. Instead, I embrace it. Looking for the changes that will align my life with what truly is supposed to be.

Until next time:

Love and blessings, đź’•Carrie

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It Is Funny, Sometimes.

The look one gets when it all clicks.

It is funny, sometimes.

How the world always spins, the sun always rises,

the mortals always worry and fret, possibly missing the surprises.

It is funny, sometimes.

The way the wind tickles ankles and drifts through hair.

Caressing cares and worries. Pulling them away from here.

It is funny, sometimes.

I think I know exactly what is. Then life happens.

Leaving me slack jawed and awed. How did that twist come through?

It is funny, sometimes.


It is funny, sometimes.

Keep paying attention, because

it is funny, sometimes.