The Moments

Sometimes I am reminded of the moments

which come at me so fierce I laugh in surprise.

Like the time the cat hurried into the hallway

at the same time as I. He jumped in surprise.

His tail bushing like a squirrel’s tail. I laughed.

He looked indigent for a moment. Walking by twitching his tail

with his head held high. Glacing back long enough

for me to see the glint in his eye.

Laughing, he was. So was I.

Under The Apple Tree

Grazing quite contently

under the apple tree.

The unicorn has startled me!

Not by its shear size.

Which is rather immense.

He startled me by his presence.

For I had come to believe

He was myth. A fantasy!

Yet here he stands in front of me!

Grazing quite contently,

Under the apple tree.