When Those Clouds Part. ❤

the skies are erupting

in brilliant shades

it’s true

parting those grey dense clouds

to send the day off

in fiery hues

full of brilliant orange and yellows

pinks to tame and mellow

a dust of violet mixed with blue

a painters dream

a palette supreme

causing a pause at the end of the day

to watch the colors change

Love, blessings, and gratitude, 💕 Carrie

2021 http://www.carriedforth.com

All, But The Sunset.

Whispers of the day,

thread through the pages

as the journal fills with hopes,

dreams, and those things in between.

Drying ink. Wiped away. Maybe this will be forgotten

someday. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. She really

has grown tired of holding all these hopes. 

The dreams flit from place to place. Landing

gentle on a smiling face. Held up and taken down.

It all continues to go round. Time has never stood still.

Sometimes I forget this but am reminded in the setting sun.

As I stand and watch it go down. Colors light and fade. Change.

Constantly. Until no more, but the violet of the night. Touched by

stars shining bright. As I have said before, all was as it is,

but the sunset clearly sees it.

2021 http://www.carriedforth.com

Forever Watching.

The sun tucked away

in glorious rose, violet, blues and greys.

It spoke of promises yet to be made.

As it drifted away. Sleep would come

to some. In the morning we would wake

to find the sun creeping up in golden shades.

Wake we must. Today we trust in what our world will create.

Washing us from sleep filled haze to a brighter, golden day.

Night Morning

He called it night morning

The dusky ending of the day.

The part when the sun, quietly tucks away.

He called it night morning

Because it is like the dawn.

The lighting is the same.

The spirit feels this calm.

He called it night morning

In his wise six years.

Explained so elegantly.

Poetic music to the ears.

Now forever etched into my brain

A beautiful sunset, night morning, it’s all the same.