Summer Fading

The geese are flying, honking a goodbye.

As the hummingbirds zip around the flowers one last


The hawks are plenty as they migrate by. Swooping at

the little birds. 

Causing the chickens to squawk and cry.

Leaves are falling one by one. 


now as they begun.

The trees are mainly green, but some are changing. Some show 


We watch and wait. The end of a season. The start of the new.

Autumn will bring abundance of crops. The seeds we had sowed,

our reward will show.

Abundant in plenty. 


Fragrant Summer

Roses caught in a summer breeze.

The hint of clover, mixed with tomatoes leaves.

Water colliding with the garden. Grass crushed under feet. 

All smell refreshingly grand. Comforting. Warm in the heat.

Fragrant summer. Is complete.

Summer Heat

Grilling scent pulls into every breath.

Mingling with the meats, the corn, the potatoes

is the scent of the summer heat.

Hot decking, parched earth, trees, and leaves.

That odd scent of dirt. Not the earthy comforting kind.

No. The odd one I cannot describe. Pulling me to other memories.

Back to another time. As the sun glistened skin warms in the heat.

Stretched out so it hits my feet. Cool breeze blows by. Enough

to remind how hot it really is outside.


Warm Upon My Feet

The pool toy was going high, far, and wide.

Landing with a solid thud on the grassy side.

I was chosen to climb, desend, and retrieve.

The grass, like the air, was hot on my feet.

Hot and crunchy. Parched and dry. Coming off in clumps,

and chunks, sticking to my heal. 

The toy retrieved. Tossed back in. I had to pause

To brush my feet. Enjoy the warmth of the hot earth.

Climbing into me from the heat.


Taste Of Summer

Summer tastes like fresh berries

straight off the vine. Plucked from the thorns.

Ripe just in time for summer to feel a little bit more

like a summer we had before. When the world was

more carefree. The days stretched out long.

When watermelon and lemonade tasted sweet on our tongue.

When we made bike rides and swimming slides.

Scaled trees, just for fun.

Summer tastes like grass and bees. All kinds of sweet things.

Most of all, summer tastes like memories.

Roses And…

It came up roses.

Fast and quick.

Like a dream escaped into the world.

Opened to the shift.
We sat. Watching.

Breathing and laughing.

Holding space for all to grow.

Holding space. We always know.
In times of blessed clairity.

We sing and dance.

Rejoice in all that unfolds.

Brought with it roses and sunshine.
A warmth deep inside.

Feeling like calm water.

Waves of knowing.

Laughter and…