Coming to a Close

Summers unwinding,
Drawing to a close.
All the signs are there
In front of our nose.
Geese are flying in the sky.
Ducks are in the air.
Summer is coming to a close
And I have to say I care

Not for it ending.
I want summer to live on!
Early mornings.
Late nights.
Sun so hot it fries!
Popsicles and ice cream.
Cloud gazing and daydreams.

Autumn whispers,
"What about me?"
Bugs are not as plentiful.
Leaves and air are crisp.
Colors of the rainbow fill the trees,
And your breath comes out as a wisp.

Summers coming to a close.
I will miss you.
You know I will.
Yet Autumn is right you see
It has spectacular leaves and pumpkins,
Jack 'o lanterns and bees.

Goodbye summer as you close.
I will enjoy your goodbye.
I suppose.
Autumn, how have you been.
Let me get my sweater,
And we will catch up again.