He Cannot Extinguish the Flames

Burning brightly
Her fire within was strong.
He stomped on over
Trying to extinguish the light in her eyes.
She smiled warmly
Seeing something he could not see.
For he was determined to take from her.
He started to pour water
On the flames in her soul.
Yet they still burned brightly.
Stronger it seemed.
Stomping away for a few days.
He returned with a fire extinguisher.
Spraying white powder
Her flames went out
He left laughing and satisfied with himself.
She sighed and wearily smiled
As a small spark had remained.
She added some air, and
A little kindling.
Watching the flames slowly start again.
In time she would add a little more wood
To brighten the flames.
For today, she is content to leave them as is.
Burning quietly for her alone.