Mama Robin And The Friendship Of Trusting Souls

We never intended to be friends.

I was fascinated by your nest, your eggs, your young.

You chirped you disapproval from an acceptable distance.

Until the day you had no more.

You would dive bomb my head.

It started at three feet from your nest and moved up.

I think by the end of summer I could not go into the side yard

Without a quick warning chirp and dive threats.

I apologized profusely.

The next year I pretended not to notice your nest.

Nodding ‘hi’ as I passed you on a branch.

Now, how many years has it been?

You follow me in the yard. I have no clue where your nest is,

but a family of doves moved in this year. 

A mouse used your nest from last year to build an impressive tower

which we keep trying to convince ourselves it is not a mouse nest.

Some exotic bird, I suppose. 

We watch and hope the cat checks in. As we like to let things live.

You, Mama robin, watch, too.

Pristine and Green


All the green glorious

fluid days

space together

fill us up

on sunshine

pristine green grasses

and flowery surprises.

Melted chocolate.

Candy eggs.

Bows and hats.

Pleasant surprises.

Pulled and tugged

to see it all

in one place

as we hold still.

Waiting in all this pristine green.

Sunshine And Promises

Golden rays of opportunity. Speckled dust motes of glittering, shimmering clouds

float through the sun rays. Showing the air that tickles our noses. Reminding one 

we should dust, but the sun beacons us outside. Sighs emerge in the fragrant air.

Hair tickles the noses when the breeze passes by. We enjoy this simple life.

We find pleasure and abundance in our world. As spring unfolds, so do we.

Uncurling from winters grey days, into the sun, blue skies, warmer rays of light. It

meshes with the vibrant breeze, fragrant blooms, bird song. Our hearts reach to the heavens in joy. We 

are born again this day. Everyday. Every moment. Brand new, unless we choose to stay the same.

How can the stale winter keep us from expanding in the beautiful spring? It cannot. It will not.

Because we will not let it. Bye staleness, we are emerging into the light today. Choosing to breath in

fragrant air to fill our beings. The rays of the sun to wash us. The new to unfold, as it may.

Watching Spring Unfold

The buds, fuzzy and soft, pop out of the branches of the peach tree.

Her neighboring willows sway with small, golden green foliage. 

Grass sparkles and dazzles in the bright sun. 

So green it hurts. 

Like an unexpected laugh that leaves the sides aching for more, 

and protesting for less, all at once. 

New flowers dance in the breeze. 

Swaying to natures music. 

As birds sing, frolic, and build. 

Merrily embracing the day. The freshness. 

The abundance of joy found in watching spring unfold.

Spring Has Arrived

In sprouts of green,

Birds on wing,

Songs in the air,

Warmth has appeared.

Spring has arrived.

In the blue of the sky,

The depth of the streams,

In thoughts and dreams.

Blanketing the ground in renewing green.

Speckling the trees with buds and leaves.

Spring has arrived.

It’s good to be alive.

Life Before Spring

The trees shiver with anticipation.

Pumping life into the sleepy limbs.

Soon the buds, then the leaves, then the birds galore.

It’s the quiet, prepping time, before the growth begins.

The silent humming, branches strumming, birds singing strong.

Belting out melodies to help wake the trees with song.

The songs wake everything. The anticipation is strong.

How much longer is not known, but soon winter will be gone.