Watching Spring Unfold

The buds, fuzzy and soft, pop out of the branches of the peach tree.

Her neighboring willows sway with small, golden green foliage. 

Grass sparkles and dazzles in the bright sun. 

So green it hurts. 

Like an unexpected laugh that leaves the sides aching for more, 

and protesting for less, all at once. 

New flowers dance in the breeze. 

Swaying to natures music. 

As birds sing, frolic, and build. 

Merrily embracing the day. The freshness. 

The abundance of joy found in watching spring unfold.

Spring Has Arrived

In sprouts of green,

Birds on wing,

Songs in the air,

Warmth has appeared.

Spring has arrived.

In the blue of the sky,

The depth of the streams,

In thoughts and dreams.

Blanketing the ground in renewing green.

Speckling the trees with buds and leaves.

Spring has arrived.

It’s good to be alive.

Life Before Spring

The trees shiver with anticipation.

Pumping life into the sleepy limbs.

Soon the buds, then the leaves, then the birds galore.

It’s the quiet, prepping time, before the growth begins.

The silent humming, branches strumming, birds singing strong.

Belting out melodies to help wake the trees with song.

The songs wake everything. The anticipation is strong.

How much longer is not known, but soon winter will be gone.