Because We Needed You.

Brought into this world.

Sparkling and brand new.

You needed no one,

but we needed you.

Your kind soul.

Your laugh and generosity.

Your quiet loud presence.

You often remind me

life is more pleasurable if we stop to play,

and we can continue to be lighthearted as we go about our day.

You Sat On Me!

Plop. Down like a brick.

Ouch. Man, that was quick!

You giggled that giggle that warms and melts souls.

I braced for the numbness to pass.

Did I mention how heavy and hard you plopped down?

Ouch. But that’s okay. Because you are growing everyday.

Very soon. It won’t be cool. To plop on mom’s lap. 

So I will take it. Enjoy the moment. For as long as it will last.

Because those moments always pass. Leaving me with the reverberation of your laugh.

Hoping I was present enough to soak in all the details that make being your mom so very rewarding.