Thank You Sky!

You often cause wonder and delight,

even on the days where I cannot see the light.

You, sky, remind me, I am just one being

in this vast and beautiful universe. Below you, I remain.

Humble and forgiven. Shining once again. 

Because I see the wonder of this vast beautiful sunlit world.


All Smiles

Oh, sky! Even you smile as the year ends.

Happy for new beginnings. New friends.

Maybe not all new everything, but some stuff

will surely change. Like all years which have past,

we smile on the memories, the moments, the things which last.

Waving a glorious goodbye to the rest of it. Oh, sky!

You say it all in your simple smile. It’s time.

Let’s go find those moments to smile.


Morning Sky

Crisp and bright.

In autumn the morning sky is so clear,

fresh, and sparkling.

I will not complain

it is dark this morning.

No not I!

As the stars, the moon, the glorious sky!

Hold the wonders of moments yet to try.

Memories and stardust are not in vast supply.

Only a promise of a sun kissed sky.

Oh, morning sky! Velvety bright.

Starting my day off right.


Morning Sky