Oh, Memories…

The boys laugh and giggle.

Creating moments of connectedness 

with one another. Not knowing

that in those interactions

I remember, years past,

when my brother and I laughed about

similar things. Oh how times change,

yet remain the same. My hope for these

two, is their laughter will carry them into

adulthood, for the bond to cement now,

and last their lifetime. So they know that no matter

what life has in store. They have each other to turn to.

Even if it is brief moments, full of silly laughter, to help

them through the days. 

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com


They laugh at something only they understand.

The bond between siblings. Like a touch of a hand.

Fighting and bickering. They scream, ‘ We will never talk again!’

Tears fly. Shouts and more cries. Time goes by.

Then like a shift in the atmosphere, the laughing resumes.

With laughing tears. Something as little as a funny sound.

Leaves them in laughing puddles on the ground.

It never quite changes as they grow. 

Even when life looks nothing like it did before

They have a bond that grows some more.
2020 http://www.carriedforth.com