I Am Free.

It has captured me.

The bending, yielding plant I see.

But more so it’s shadow.

Fascinates. Holds captive my eyes and

keeps me in place.

Just like the shadows deep inside me.

Keeping me rooted from what I truly seek.

Shining a light. Bright as the sun. Still

a few persist. I let go of some.

Days continue. Some lighter than others.

All of them holding blessings and wonder.

When my eyes choose to see,

beyond the shadows. I am free.

Love, blessings, and gratitude, đź’• Carrie

2021 http://www.carriedforth.com

Drawn In

pulled through the dirt

to find one can fly

and the glitter on the turf

always caught the eye

sparkling till one looked real close

drawn in to see the face shimmering in the beige

bland fluff of ground

minutes ticked by

eternities passed

we sat pulled into ourselves

watching it all fade to black

then return to light

sparkle and shine

till the full of your eye started to glitter

drawn in with a laugh

falling over the top of the ghost

of shadow that still crossed your face

as if we could not stop the shade

it still fascinated me

the play of light and dark

the sparkles and glitters

distracting a mind lost in wonder

full of life and images of others

who have lived before

only to pass the universe on to me

or you however you want to see it as we are one

living for all to see the glitter

drawn in and around like the circle of cycles

we planted that spring

forever growing and molding

the shape we became