Through It All

I found you in the laughter.

I found you in the smiles.

I found you in the heartache.

I found you through the miles.

I found you in the empty stillness

deep inside of me.

I found you through it all.

God, the universe, beloved, I found thee.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Beautiful You.

in a moment

of hesitation

take a break

a revelation

be hold the light

from within

shining bright

to begin

a life of love

and gratitude

for the soul

who is beautiful


Take a moment each day, or several times a day, to connect deeply with yourself. Check in. See how You are doing, and accept where you are in that moment.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Easy Or Simple

You make it looks so easy. Graceful and not at all crazy.

While I feel as if I blunder the whole thing. Hitting all the right notes

at all the wrong times. You breeze past. Radiant and glowing.

Beautiful in your unknowing. I never once thought to be jealous.

Never once felt uncomfortable in your presence. You had a way of gracing everything,

everyone. Making life feel so easy. Comfortable and exciting all at once. I often

strove to be like you. Until you laughed and told me I was whole as I was. I needed to be me.

It all felt right. Our lives undulating to a rhyme only we understood. How can it be so easy?

Why is it so simple? It aches so much at times because I complicate the hell out of it all.

Forever reaching toward your grace. Capturing my own. Longing for those moments I am whole again.


Pen To Paper To Life

Written in the words of fantasy and worlds.

Spoken or unspoken it cast a world for thee.

We hold the very depth of what we seek inside.

Quiet minds and quiet hearts guide us in our time.

We seek solace in others. Turning from ourselves.

Deep in the heart of it, come back to the self.

Held up in our knowing. Strong in our word.

Grateful for the moment

because it all leads to something better each day.

Our minds can hold the truth our heart speaks.

We shall listen. Go forward. Keep it shining bright.

Even if the spark is small. It will grow over time.

A Letter I Will Not Send; Was Received.

Dear, dear me,

I acknowledge you. I see you. I am grateful for you. 

I ask that you show up more fully in life. Show up with more joy and laughter. 

I ask that you show up with more love, not only for those you come in contact with, but for yourself. Love you. Love your ability to see the beauty, before you notice the mud. Love your ability to find beauty in the mud.

Love your ability to be always and forever grateful, even when; especially when, you are working towards a solution. No matter how small or big the opportunity is, you tackle it with as much gusto as you can summon.

Sure that gusto looks different each day, because it is different. Each day is different. Because each day should change.

Change is a good thing. It is what launches the best adventures, the most golden opportunities, and the most joyous results. When you choose to embrace it.

Big changes are always coming. You will always make it past them. Start embracing them. Joyously seeking the changes. Openly receive the changes. For you deserve the best life possible. 

To receive that best life, you must let go. Open your heart. Breath deeply. Surrender to the universe. Trust.

In the trust, you will find, the most delicious, loving, and joyous life.

Free from all that ails you. Free to live fully in the moment you choose.

You are now free. Live. Be love. Embrace love. Shine brightly and boldly. For the whole universe has your back, and the universe is not going anywhere.

Truly and forever yours,


Through The Eyes Of Love

May You always see yourself through the eyes of love.

May you always feel yourself through the times of tough.

May you always choose to dance, sing, and skip through life.

May you always see yourself through the eyes of love.

May you find mountains exhilarating to climb.

May you look at the stars, and see their brilliance shine.

May you always see the rainbows life brings.

May you always shine as brightly as you were meant to be.

May you always fill your life with so much laughter you sides might burst.

May you lend a hand to those who truly need you most.

May you always see the need to pray to God above.

May you always see yourself through the eyes of love.

What You See

What you see
Is what you get.
He spoke in a sneer.
As his mask morphed to his face.
Grotesquely, stuck there.

Not something we believe.
It is not really true.
For what I see
I believe
Is not at all what you see.

So he screamed.
That's not what he was taught!

It is not my journey
To stand here explaining
When he is fraught.

When the mask is morphed
Into his face.
He was taught to keep it there.

Yet why it never dawn on him
To toss it in the air.
Throw it away!
I'd like to say.
Yet deaf to my words he'd be.
For what you see
Is what you get.
He must firmly believe.

Open your eyes
Toss the mask aside.
Be you!
Be brave!
Be an ambassador of change.

So what you see
Will reflect
What you get.

Loving light.
It just might
Seep behind that mask.
But I for one
Might not stick around
To see the transformation.

Bless you
I must.
Bless him, too.
Off I go,
Without a mask
To see the world anew.

If our paths were to cross again.
I hope to see that mask
Has fallen on the land.
He will stand there
Smiling, 'I finally understand!'