As It Is.

Calm is the water.

Calm is the mind.

Noticing reflections standing for all time.

Creating a world that is,

and one that is reflected back.

Calm the water. Calm the mind.

It is all clear in divine right time.

There is something magical and mysterious found in the reflections on the water and in the soul. 

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Reflections Captivate

I cannot help it. I must pause.

To gaze into the reflected pool.

To stare into eternity.

To walk away whole.

While I was gazing at the reflections and enjoying the beautiful light from the sun. A groundhog wabbled over to the water to get a drink. I attempted to snap his picture, but he heard me and ran for cover.

Not much of a shot. At least this one is on the ground. 😄 In case you missed it, yesterday featured a groundhog, not so grounded. Read about him here; Grounded?

Love and blessings, 💕Carrie


Reflective Changes

Staring into the vast unknown
Feeling for a seed of growth
Not sure we're the tide pulls me now
Knowing for certain I are safe some how

Looking for it in your face
A gentle knowing, a warm embrace
Not sure if it was all a fake
Something you offered, something you take

Reflective changes I must make
Out to the vast unknown to create
A life newer than what you can take
Something for me, something to make

Grass should be greener
The laughter more pure
The changes I make now
Will lighten, strenghthen, help to ensure

Reflect on them, a little more
Am I really, really sure
Yes, it is right the time is now
Let me see how this unfolds some how


It is not about you...
Or me.
It is not about where I have been.
It is not about where I go.

It is about where I am.

I am.

I am.

I am.

Reflections in the water
show me who I am.
No, not i, water whispers.

Reflections in the mirror
show me who I am.
No, not i, whispers mirror.

Reflections inside me
show me who I am.
Yes, I will.

Yes, I will.

In the stillness bask in my light.
The inner knowing
Will guide you right.