Reflective Changes

Staring into the vast unknown
Feeling for a seed of growth
Not sure we're the tide pulls me now
Knowing for certain I are safe some how

Looking for it in your face
A gentle knowing, a warm embrace
Not sure if it was all a fake
Something you offered, something you take

Reflective changes I must make
Out to the vast unknown to create
A life newer than what you can take
Something for me, something to make

Grass should be greener
The laughter more pure
The changes I make now
Will lighten, strenghthen, help to ensure

Reflect on them, a little more
Am I really, really sure
Yes, it is right the time is now
Let me see how this unfolds some how


It is not about you...
Or me.
It is not about where I have been.
It is not about where I go.

It is about where I am.

I am.

I am.

I am.

Reflections in the water
show me who I am.
No, not i, water whispers.

Reflections in the mirror
show me who I am.
No, not i, whispers mirror.

Reflections inside me
show me who I am.
Yes, I will.

Yes, I will.

In the stillness bask in my light.
The inner knowing
Will guide you right.