A Little Could Be Enough

The yard has become crunchy as the grasses dried

from the lack of rain filled skies. We soak up the sun.

Lounge in the pool. Have summer fun.

All the while, in the back of our mind, we pray for some rain.

A little at a time. Something to hydrate the parched fields.

Sprinkle the flowers. Create a few puddles. Wash the car.

Just a little. A sprinkle or two. Wet the land. Soak our hand.

Keep us from drying up. Just something. A little could be enough.
 2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Dark and Dreary

The weather was bleak. Scratch that, the weather was beyond dreary. It was down right miserable. Horrible. Wet. Gross. Dark. Awful. Oh…the words could not describe it!

Mud ran everywhere. Rain, then sleet, then snow, then back to rain. Black skies. Brown mud. Dreary, dark, totally awful.

She sighed. Would it ever stop!

She tried reading to pass the time, but the book she picked was set during a rainy day. Blast it all! She threw the book. Could something not be so dreary for once!

She tried baking something, but was out of sugar. Sigh. No neighbors around to even ask for any sugar. Blasted need to live all alone in the wilderness. Well, not really the wilderness. Her neighbor was a few acres away, but still. She did not know him as she never even saw him outside.

She tried imagining him, but got distracted by the dripping from the overflowing gutter. If only the rain would stop, she could finally fix that. Blast it all! She could not stand being cooped up anymore! Then she remembered her car was in the shop which is why she was stuck at home in the rain in the first place.

Dark, dreary day…bleak, boring, lifeless. She really needed to find something to do. Maybe a new place to live where it did not rain almost everyday. Now there’s a thought…