Words. Unspoken.

Prayers drifted through the air.

Thick like smoke. Glissening and shimmering.

Prayers floated all around. Some higher, lighter.

Some weighted down. All in need of answering.

Sorting. Being heard. How do they choose?

Colored and frail some are. Vibrant and bouncy others are.

Whispy and dreamy. Barely visible. All so beautiful!

How? When? Are they answering?

She looked to God as he looked at her. Chuckling at her expression

of overwhelming awe. Struck by the magnitude of all these words.

Many unspoken. Drifting, buzzing, looking for answers.

Only He can provide.

He laughs. Not overwhelmed or put off. 


Eyes aglow and they wrinkle, just so. Hearty and soulful, the laugh is.

She realizes, all this…all these…prayers, like demands,

float everywhere. Unencumbered by their numbers, he laughs. 

Not at the prayers themselves, but at the joy he receives from

acknowledging these prayers. These thoughts. Unspoken words.

Shouts of gratitude. Whips of WTF. He laughs.

Merrily answering or suggesting. As the prayers hover and flow 

all around.

I Am THAT Person

I am THAT person
Who gets excited when you go on vacation.
I am THAT person
Who cheers for you when you run a race.
I am THAT person
Who celebrates your accomplishments.
I am THAT person
Who jumps for joy when you win a prize.

I am THAT person
Who weeps for you when your heart is broken.
I am THAT person
Who hurts with you when you stub your toe.
I am THAT person
Who struggles with you when you are alone.
I am THAT person
Who prays for you when you need it most.

I am THAT person
Who sees the world as a brighter place.
I am THAT person
Who believes in miracles.
I am THAT person
Who creates pockets of love for you to rest in.
I am THAT person
Who loves so much it overflows to you.