You Are Free Like The Tree.

Planted in the deep earth. Swaying to the breeze.

Yielding to the wind. Showered by the rain.

Rooted. Sharing its branches to nurture young,

To shelter from the blistering sun, to gracefully

Blow in the wind pulling one to the present to begin.

Tree asks of thee, to go. Run free!

Use your arms to nurture. Use your words to lift up.

Us your legs to carry you beyond all you can see!

Be free! Like the tree. Who accepts where he is.

Loving from the ground up. Spreading joy and nurturing

all who stay beneath his branches.


Expect Love.

The actions speak of kindness, generosity, and grace.

The words echo thoughts of love, laughter, and embrace.

Spoken in the air we breathe. Brought forth on our path.

Magic of miracles in moments meant to last.

Expectations of all we shall recieve. Speak of hearts and love;

a greater kind of need. Fully embraced by the light of truth.


Dream Big. Bigger. Huge.

The world flows from your fingertips.

The very golden light abounds. Abundance is yours to have.

Ask. It will be found. Keep it shining. Keep it bright.

Sparkle everyday. Shine your joy. Shine your light.

Bigger everyway.


Joy Bringers

The love and light. Energy so high.

They lift us up. Help us fly.

The ones who bring joy to everything.

We celebrate you today!

We love you for your bright faces.

Your loving light and grace.

Oh, we celebrate, all who lift us up!

I am blessed to have known, and know, people who are the light of the world. Humble and beautiful souls who inspire all who are blessed to know them.

These little ones, although not human souls, are abundant in their joy! They are a tremendous source of light in our world as they live each moment with sheer joy and love.

I find most animals to be tremendous joy bringers.

Do you have an animal, or more, that brings joy into your life?

Until next time:

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Ahhh…That Sound.

The crunch of leaves on the ground.

The ruffle of feathers as the geese fly south.

The brush of a breeze, warming our knees.

The sweater fitting, just right.

The animals gathering food and chattering

their farewells for the day.

Tucking in. The summer will end.

Pulling the covers over our head.

To sleep peacefully in the night.

Awakening to the day dawning. Bird song.

New season upon us. Glorious!

I love the changing of seasons! Mainly, I really like change. Not constant forced change, but the lovely changes that help life flow more gracefully.

I am always looking for these changes. I am sure this drives those close to me crazy, but it’s who I am. I no longer want to change that. Instead, I embrace it. Looking for the changes that will align my life with what truly is supposed to be.

Until next time:

Love and blessings, 💕Carrie


Abundance In All I See

Crying in the midday sun. Arms are stretched up high.

The cry is full of joy and truth as abundance falls from the sky.

I saw it in a vision. Fought like hell to keep it down. Then the magic

was revealed. All felt gloriously profound. Held up in arms. Pulled from the heart.

Abundance everywhere! All the glory! All the truth! Falling through the air!

May you be blessed with abundance in all you see.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Summer Fading

The geese are flying, honking a goodbye.

As the hummingbirds zip around the flowers one last


The hawks are plenty as they migrate by. Swooping at

the little birds. 

Causing the chickens to squawk and cry.

Leaves are falling one by one. 


now as they begun.

The trees are mainly green, but some are changing. Some show 


We watch and wait. The end of a season. The start of the new.

Autumn will bring abundance of crops. The seeds we had sowed,

our reward will show.

Abundant in plenty. 


Beautiful You.

in a moment

of hesitation

take a break

a revelation

be hold the light

from within

shining bright

to begin

a life of love

and gratitude

for the soul

who is beautiful


Take a moment each day, or several times a day, to connect deeply with yourself. Check in. See how You are doing, and accept where you are in that moment.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


I Want More, Too

You came to me 
Wanting more things,
More stuff.
Exasperating me.

I do understand the desire for more,
But what I long for 
Is not in a store.

I want more
More fun,
More love.

I want more
Slow walks,
Long talks,
More love.

I want more
More sunsets,
More love.

I want more, too!
Not more stuff.

I Want More, Too. was originally published on Carried Forth on July 28, 2019.
I was scanning the archives here at and felt this poem reflected my ever present life with kids. They are abundant in many ways. Never lacking. Yet, like most of us mortals, they always want more. I understand. At the same time, it really is tough to have to be the one to say ‘No’ all the time. (err…most of the time. 😉😏) As the poem states, I always want more, too. As I grow my more becomes less material, although I do like my material things, and more about the feeling or being of life. I totally could be blissed out on a beautiful sky anyday! As always, love and blessings, 💕 Carrie 2020

A Gathering of Pappus

Young thistle

can you see

the field beyond

the grassy sea?

I kindly ask thee

to blow on over there.

Pappus: NOUN. the tuft of hairs on each seed of thistles, dandelions, and similar plants, which assists dispersal by the wind.

I have a love\hate relationship with thistle. I really dislike weeding it out of my intentional flower beds. I cannot run bare foot in certain areas of the yard as I will step in it, and although I have tried to dig it out of the yard. The stuff spreads and grows abundantly and I don’t want to take the time to keep up with it all.

The love part: the flowers are a favorite of orioles, the Baltimore and orchard oriole, which entices them to nest in my yard. The seeds are another favorite of birds. Mainly goldfinches, but I have seen a flock of house finches on them, too. 

Thus, my love of birds wins out, and the thistle is welcome to stay. Although I will still be pulling it out of the flower beds. 😉

Kindly asking this gathering of thistle young to move to another location before they decide to take root.

Until next time:

Love and blessings, 💕Carrie