Drift Away

Held fast. Crushing. Breathing was hard.

Until it wasn’t.

Drifted away on a moment of laughter.

Somedays, it drifted away on the teardrop.

Other days, it drifted away on fast feet. Running from nothing,

but shadows of the past.

Everytime. It drifted away.

This moment too, shall pass.

The Moments

Sometimes I am reminded of the moments

which come at me so fierce I laugh in surprise.

Like the time the cat hurried into the hallway

at the same time as I. He jumped in surprise.

His tail bushing like a squirrel’s tail. I laughed.

He looked indigent for a moment. Walking by twitching his tail

with his head held high. Glacing back long enough

for me to see the glint in his eye.

Laughing, he was. So was I.


sparkling bright and brilliant

the beams of heaven shone

brilliant gold and radiant

upon the only throne

which sat a saintly being

pointed ears

twitching tail

purring merrily

until the one who usually sat

came upon this being

the one was laughing quite heartily

the cat was lifted in the air

placed gently on the lap

of the one who sat there