Triggering Memories

A pinecone on the floor of the forest. I pause to look at it. Memories flood in.

The year PapPap asked us to collect pinecones so he could build a wreath. Morphing into the scent of the Christmas tree when it first enters the house.

Like a film clip the memories real on. Filling my heart with joy.

Christmas decorating with the kids. How they insist on hanging every ornament on the tree so it looks like someone dumped the whole box of decorations on it. Somehow in that chaos it manages to look beautiful.

Thank you pinecone for the lovely journey of memories from times ago. My walk continues, a little teary eyed for what was, what is, what might become.

The Possibilities Are There

Moving, twisting, turning. Feeling the burning
when the idea forms.
Breaking free. Breaking me. To a new morn.
Open and ready. Beginning brand new.
Holding the words in my heart. Speaking only truth.
The possibilities are there. I am open to them.
Hear the whispers. Feel the words.
See the joy in all that unfolds. Grateful for the life.
Bursting, breathing, quiet seeing. Knowing it is all right.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie 2019

It’s A Little Like Flying

The speed picks up. The scene outside starts to blur.
One questions faintly, what have I done.
Then the speed is just right. The plane takes flight.
Gathering more speed as it accends in the sky.
Bluish blurs pass on by. Quiet is in sight.
The captain speaks, briefly, the flight is on track.
Food and drinks make the rounds. All sit back.
The view is spectacular. All below looks so small.
Why can we not see it, from this high view above?
All is very different, yet one can make out a house,
Look a ball field, tiny as a mouse!
The change in perspective gives one this.
A very different view, another twist.