Dabbling In Art

Purchased a candle

at the dollar store.

It came with a wooden top

which was not adorned.

I thought it needed something.

What. I could not say,

but sitting down with paints.

I began to play.

Creating a blue background,

which morphed into

a sky setting down 

to sleep with bare trees,

and a small flock of geese.

I think it looks just right.

Adding a little more

fun and creation to the decor.

2021 http://www.carriedforth.com

Creating A Divine

Painting. Breathing. It’s all the same to her.

The portraits and landscapes show all the world.

Her eyes are the light and shades of dark.

Shadows cast upon the trees. Illuminating what we see.

She captures all these nuances in every brush stroke that she breathes.

Painting from her heart. The world she always sees.