Long Gone

Nights are over
Darkness recedes
Black is a color
We choose to see

The day is here
Dawning brand new
We can all benefit
From this, it is true

Cast aside yesterday
For it no longer serves
Embrace today
Cherish all that is

Bring into this new
Love which gives and gives
Give to one another
Including oneself

Give gifts of great joy
Experience the wealth
Let love be your guidance
Stay true to yourself

Give all that you can
To all, including oneself

Generosity and kindness
Our new currency
You see
For the kindest will be wealthy

For this we shall believe

Love generously
Never forgetting a single being
Send love to the world
Pray we all will see

Night is over
Day has begun
Sing like the birds
Welcome everyone

This Side of Heaven

This side of heaven
The sky is our anchor
The moon and the stars our alignment
The earth our guide

This side of of heaven
The trees whisper guidance
The wind calms our nerves
The grass is our anchor

This side of heaven
Voices are strong
Emotions are guidance
Loves all around

This side of heaven
The heart opens up
The eyes see the magic
The world shines so much

This side of heaven
The fun has begun
The joy in the moment
The breath on the tongue

This side of heaven
Fear does not exist
Quiet moments are pleasure
Laughter is quick

This side of heaven
Although we miss you so much
We see you in the sun, moon, and stars
We hear your laughter
We feel your touch

This side of heaven
Love is enough

Standing in a Moment

Living for a dream.
Standing firm in belief.
Raising up, rising up.
Moving forward.
Flowing now.
No more push.
No more pull.
Subtle motion moves ahead.
Forward motion.
Momentum moving faster.
This is great!
This is true!
This right here!
It feels brand new.
Glorious and wonderful.
Clearly delicious.
A moment brand new.

Always Remember

Remember, my child, to love
All who cross your path,
Who cross you,
Who hurt, betray, discourage.
Love them. Love them.

Remember, my child, to love
All who cross your path,
Who lift you up,
Who lend a hand,
Who reach out and touch your soul.
Love them. Love them.

Remember, my child, to love
All who cross your path.

Always remember, my child,
To love all.
As I love you.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie 2019

Love and Comfort

Washed away all the bitterness,
The heartache, and the tears.
Left behind the anger,
The resentment, and the fears.
Releasing all that burdens me,
That does not resonate.
Quieting the mind for once.
There is no room for hate.

Filling all the gaps I find
Love and comfort
Left behind.

I Am in Love

I am in love
With the sunlight as it dances
Across a field of tall grasses.

I am in love
With the raindrops as they
Bedazzle the flowers with diamonds
That shimmer in the sun.

I am in love
With the wind as it weaves its way
Through the trees creating beautiful music.

I am in love
With the clouds
Gently rolling across the blue sky.
Changing to shapes that delight the imagination.

I am in love
With the way life unfolds
Creating magical moments of delight
At every turn.

I am in love.