Forever And A Day.

The present moment stretched out

forever and a day. I felt

it in my bones, my being, all of me

felt this way. Connected to everything.

Separate no more. What shall I do with it?

I ask. I feel sure. But my mind takes over.

Carries me back to a reality. I feel myself kick and scream.

I want nothing. Nothing but to feel, forever and a day

as One with all around. Until that can be done. I practice,

continuously. Forever and a day.



It came up bright and shiny.

Rose from the ground. Elliptical and magical.

Rising all around. Smoke had cleared. The sky was bright.

We rub our eyes a bit. For in the haze of our sleep-filled gaze

rose the sparkling ship. We pondered for a second. Our minds

catching up. This was what we prepared for. A new kind of touch.

We levitated toward the ship. Floating on our quiet thoughts 

rising toward our dreams. Catching all the sparkles floating

through the seams.

Breakfast With God

I envisioned crapes and berries.

Veggie omelettes and juice.

Pulling out the chair beside you,

I found my favorite tea.

Berries and grapefruit.

Chocolate for a sweet.

You sat with you hands clasped.

Smelling of earth and rain.

Something else familiar,

But hard to explain.

You ate toast

with butter.

Cut at an angle.

I waited for something profound.

It felt like a dream.

Warm fluffy blankets and cozy sunsets.

You spoke of nothing one would think of as important,

But it felt good to converse.

Your eyes sparkled.

We both laughed at the bird waving by the window.

It felt like home.

I really missed home.

The laughter.

The warmth.

The home I kept trying to create here,

but missing it. Muddling it.

Until the longing was so fierce. I called for you.

You answered. We ate and conversed.

I felt whole again.

I trotted off to create that home I always wanted to.

The Open Door

Gazing at the light pouring in. 

It’s bright. Inviting. Lovely light.

It calls us forward. Asking.

Do come now, for all will be brand new.

So it is.

Brand new. Doors open. Some close.

We focus on the ones we see.

Realizing the world holds all kinds of magic

beyond that open door.

Stepping through. No memories haunt us anymore.

Cool, vibrant thoughts. Memories of laughter and joy.

Fully expand us.

So when the sadness seeps in, we see it.

We watch it. Acknowledge it. Help it bloom into joy again.

So it continues. Open door. Moving forward.

Closing those we choose, or are chosen for us.

Either way it all works out.

We find our way. Stumbling, skipping, jumping, running, limping.

Whatever works in the moment. As it all is.

A door open.

And So It Is…

Everything tied into a everything.

Moved as one.

Not lost on some.

The moments after fear and rage.

Reminders that miracles can be placed.

Nothing ever holds us back.

Yet sometimes when we ask…

Things unfold different and bold.

Accepted by our faith.

It all works out someway.

Be Mindful

"Be careful what you think."
She warned.
As she walked out the door.
Those things come back to bite you.
If you think a dark thought or two.
Keep it positive. Toward the light.
Be mindful of the thoughts which do not feel right.

Scoffing some. 'What did she know?
My thoughts are mine.
She cannot tell me so.'

Watching how her life unfolds.
Still not minding any words.
He set off angry and afraid.
Being mean to all who prayed.

The prayers continued.
The advice was there.
He did not mind it. Nor did he care.

Life went on. Carried through.
The others were all mindful, too.
Working on their thoughts and dreams.
Creating better and better things.
All a long sending prayers for all who need
Them. Regardless if they cared.

Years have passed.
He is still glum. Yet the rest are glowing.
Excited for what is to come.
Looking forward to life as it has begun.