It's on the tip of your tongue
The warmth of your breath
Something has changed
You do not know it yet

Feel it deep within your soul
A fire so strong you have to grab hold
It will consume you they all cry out
Consume away you scream and shout

For life has meaning a purpose brand new
Something that crackles and spews
Sudden sparks of delicious through and through
Greatness was born out of love to improve.

Something New

Should I try it?
Do I dare?
Should I try it?
Would I care?

What the hell,
It's just something new.
I might as well.
Will you try it, too?

Perhaps tomorrow,
or maybe next week?
Oh gosh, gee wiz,
am I really this meek?

Jump in, Jump in.

I hear you all shout,
but it is new and uncomfortable.
I just do not know how.

With a shrug and a sigh
I try, try, try.

You know what!
It was great!
What was my fear?
Why did I hesitate?
We really do not know.
Why are you scared
of the changes, the unknown?

Perhaps it is engrained from a long time ago.
Where change meant survival was not guarantied.
Why fear what we know
is okay to believe?