Broken Brand New

The cup has shattered.

Pieces all around.

The tiny shards, like diamonds,

 sparkle on the ground.

Walking inside to find a broom.

The light reflects off the pictures in his room.

Mosacis of all shapes and sizes.

Scattered on the walls.

Every single one of them once broken

from a fall. A shattered, broken piece of something

he used in daily life. Now a different kind of use.

The pieces bring merriment and delight.

He smiles as he is sweeping the pieces off the ground.

He has a new project. A new creation has been found.


It's on the tip of your tongue
The warmth of your breath
Something has changed
You do not know it yet

Feel it deep within your soul
A fire so strong you have to grab hold
It will consume you they all cry out
Consume away you scream and shout

For life has meaning a purpose brand new
Something that crackles and spews
Sudden sparks of delicious through and through
Greatness was born out of love to improve.

Something New

Should I try it?
Do I dare?
Should I try it?
Would I care?

What the hell,
It's just something new.
I might as well.
Will you try it, too?

Perhaps tomorrow,
or maybe next week?
Oh gosh, gee wiz,
am I really this meek?

Jump in, Jump in.

I hear you all shout,
but it is new and uncomfortable.
I just do not know how.

With a shrug and a sigh
I try, try, try.

You know what!
It was great!
What was my fear?
Why did I hesitate?
We really do not know.
Why are you scared
of the changes, the unknown?

Perhaps it is engrained from a long time ago.
Where change meant survival was not guarantied.
Why fear what we know
is okay to believe?