Heading To The End

it sounds ominous. it isn’t.

nope. the end of a year fastly approaches.

with it the tease of hopes and dreams.

new year, new everything. 2020 most certainly was new!

definitely a new year, new decade, new…

as with all things new, there comes learning.

we all learned something new this year. even if

it was only remotely. what will next year bring?

what curves and valleys? what flights and inspirations?

I know what I hope it brings. the dreams I hold close to my heart.

those which shall flourish. flutter and take flight. bravely letting

them go so the dreams can breath life. the question now seems to be,

would I wait another week, or let those dreams live today? end the year

with hope and pray for the new year to carry them on. what to do

when the end is near…

Mildly Amusing

2019 Goodbye.

Goodbye to all the lessons, the laughter and the tears.

Goodbye to all the blessings, the heartache, and the fears.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

For dawning in a day

A new, and brilliant surprise.

2020 will find us mildly surprised, mildly amused, but not mildly alive.

For breath will be stronger. Words will carry us on.

Love will keep the rivers flowing. The world will be quite fond.