New Horizons

the same sky greets me

the same tree line

the same hill side

the same

yet every day I choose to see

new horizons in front of me

thankful for the start of a day

with grateful heart I will play

work and dream as I see

the same is here

in front of me



Breathe. Until Now.

Open to a world she never saw before.

Shining and glistening. Should she try to explore?

Maybe just a little. One toe at a time. Dipped into this new world.

Tapped into infinite time. Exploring all the realms of life. As if,

they could exist. Open to the possibility of life beyond all of this.

Spoken in a time of need. Faith has brought her here.

Broken at the threshold. Open at the door. Wide and vast is the abundance.

The light and laughter carry on. Small little steps are tossed aside for a full on run.

Arms outstretched. Wide to all of it! Calling to those who shine. Come along! The water’s fine!


It Keeps Getting Brighter

Watching the horizon.

Faint light touches the edges of the world.

Casting out the sparkling stars

for one great star to birth.

It rises in a quiet knowing.

Turning different shades.

Bursts of color dance around

until it reaches a place

on the horizon where it’s golden orb is seen.

Lighting up another day.

Awaken us from dreams.

Forever Watching.

The sun tucked away

in glorious rose, violet, blues and greys.

It spoke of promises yet to be made.

As it drifted away. Sleep would come

to some. In the morning we would wake

to find the sun creeping up in golden shades.

Wake we must. Today we trust in what our world will create.

Washing us from sleep filled haze to a brighter, golden day.

New Beginnings All Around

Here for the offering. Here for the joy.

A new beginning. A brand new way to see the world. Enjoy!

Let it flow over you. Bring forth the light.

There is no judgement now. No bickering. No strife.

Only love. Compassion. Understanding. That is it.

Come on over to this beautiful world where God asks us to sit

with him. Take his hand. Offer up a prayer.

Ask for what you truly need. You’ll find your answer there.