Deer Me

The storms have passed. Can you see?

The joy return in me? I jump and swirl.

Run back and forth. Chase my brother to the woods!

The storms have passed. The eatens good.

I dance and prance. Run with joy.

The storms have passed. Deer. Deer, me.

My antlers are no longer on my head.

Yet I stand proud to protect the herd.

Out front while they kick and play.

The storms have passed. We’ll eat today.

Celebration has calmed down.

We all start to eat and stand around.

Calmed for now, but soon we’ll be

Jumping for joy. Deer, deer, me.

Upon The Banks

near the waters’ edge

ever closer to the point were the ocean

touches souls

where the sand is hard and soft

the breeze is refreshingly salty

and the birds skitter in and out of the surf

in a dance with the water

always keeping their eye on the prize

they call lunch

a heart could get lost here

or found soothed to the rhythm of the waves

ever present in the moment as nature speaks her language

gently to the soul the heart the essence