New Beginnings All Around

Here for the offering. Here for the joy.

A new beginning. A brand new way to see the world. Enjoy!

Let it flow over you. Bring forth the light.

There is no judgement now. No bickering. No strife.

Only love. Compassion. Understanding. That is it.

Come on over to this beautiful world where God asks us to sit

with him. Take his hand. Offer up a prayer.

Ask for what you truly need. You’ll find your answer there.

Around Again

The trail circles back to itself,

no real destination in mind.

It ebbs and flows, over and under,

around the natural divine.

Cirlcling. Round again. I think I saw that tree.

Say hi again. We meet, my friend. As I keep circling

again. Round and round. Until it’s done. At least the view has changed.

The flowers bloomed. The grasses grew. The trees are taller, too.

I keep circling. Around again. Crossing the trickling stream.

Keeping up a steady pace. Stopping to look at things. Butterflies

and dandelions. Clouds and trees. 

Birds and spiders. Things that fly higher.

What are those insects there?

The path leads to all these things. Delightful to explore.


The day has a special rhythm.

A music all it’s own.

The gentle whistle of wing beats.

The glittering chimes of sun beams.

The trickle of water soaking through the ground.

A beautiful gurgling of the stream passing through town.

The symphony of clapping leaves as the wind gently blows.

I pause to hear the music nature has composed.

Duck, Duck, Then There’s Me.

Oh, ducks!

You fly singularly.

Then I see you fly in flocks of three.

Duck, duck, and then there’s me.

Watching from the ground.

Wondering how it can be.

Ducks migrate as far

as hawks and birds; yet they fly

with such rapid wing beats

one would think they’d tire out.

How do you migrate duck?

Perhaps that’s why you shout.

Quack, quack!

Duck, duck, then there ‘s me.

Listen to your whistling wing beats.

As you fly overhead.

Giving a quick quack, hello.

I look up. Smiling.

Duck, duck, then there’s me.