The day has a special rhythm.

A music all it’s own.

The gentle whistle of wing beats.

The glittering chimes of sun beams.

The trickle of water soaking through the ground.

A beautiful gurgling of the stream passing through town.

The symphony of clapping leaves as the wind gently blows.

I pause to hear the music nature has composed.


Perched on the deck railing. Looking all around. He caws once. Enough to get my attention. My attention captured. He starts his dance. Bouncing up and down on the railing, head bobbing. I can almost hear the music he must be listening to. His feet catch the rhythm; send him jumping all around. Now his head is bobbing, feet are jumping, tail feathers are twitching, and he starts singing. Caws of music. Rhythm all his own. He is joy. He is light. He is music.