My Sparrow Buddy

Oh, how I relish your song in the morning!

Your throaty call drifts across the yard.

I look, eyes shining brightly, when I spy you

high in the tree. You like to sing from the very tip

top of the pines. Looking like a speck of brown

atop the prickly greens. I peer up long enough to whisper

good morning. You quiet long enough for other birdsong

to filter through the dawn kissed air. I find myself humming

along. As the rooster crows his loud morning song.

The hens chirp and hum as they wake.

I, for one, will be grateful for this day.


Morning Sky

Crisp and bright.

In autumn the morning sky is so clear,

fresh, and sparkling.

I will not complain

it is dark this morning.

No not I!

As the stars, the moon, the glorious sky!

Hold the wonders of moments yet to try.

Memories and stardust are not in vast supply.

Only a promise of a sun kissed sky.

Oh, morning sky! Velvety bright.

Starting my day off right.


Morning Sky


Looking At It Now

The tea was cold and fragrant.

Sipped with such delight.

She stared into the stables.

Watching the early light.

The mares were eating grass or hay.

She never remembered which.

They always looked so wise and strong.

There eyes never miss.

Content and happy she could not have known

life would swing her here.

A life full of everything her heart truly held dear.

Sunrise Moments

Time can stand still as the sun rises

In the quiet splendor of morning.

Light in colors rarely seen

At another point in time.

Crimson light fills the horizon.

Morning star fades into the light once more.

Dawn has broken. A day brand new.

Time has paused to listen to you.

Make a wish. Set the intention.

Life will unfold today.

For this moment, the sunrise moment, enjoy the peace

Which comes your way.

Early Morning Light

Fill the void
Left by the night.
Fill our hearts with
Golden light.
Bring about something new.
Quiet Moments
Clear thoughts, too.
Bring us sunshine
In brilliant hues.
Bring us miracles.
A life brand new.
Early morning light,
Fill us up.
Bring us delight!