Be Mindful

"Be careful what you think."
She warned.
As she walked out the door.
Those things come back to bite you.
If you think a dark thought or two.
Keep it positive. Toward the light.
Be mindful of the thoughts which do not feel right.

Scoffing some. 'What did she know?
My thoughts are mine.
She cannot tell me so.'

Watching how her life unfolds.
Still not minding any words.
He set off angry and afraid.
Being mean to all who prayed.

The prayers continued.
The advice was there.
He did not mind it. Nor did he care.

Life went on. Carried through.
The others were all mindful, too.
Working on their thoughts and dreams.
Creating better and better things.
All a long sending prayers for all who need
Them. Regardless if they cared.

Years have passed.
He is still glum. Yet the rest are glowing.
Excited for what is to come.
Looking forward to life as it has begun.

A Toast to New Beginnings

Although the day started out the same,
Like any other day.
It's new! It's new!
You chorus to me.
Embrace the day!
Let it be!
Think of it in all of its newness.
Celebrate the way that the day unfolds.
See the blessings, the opportunities, and magic.
Watch your eyes open wide.
For today is new,
And fill of surprise!

Embrace the day, and it's glorious unfolding.
See the deliciousness in every moment.
Toast the day!
To new beginnings!
Let's go celebrate!

Love and Comfort

Washed away all the bitterness,
The heartache, and the tears.
Left behind the anger,
The resentment, and the fears.
Releasing all that burdens me,
That does not resonate.
Quieting the mind for once.
There is no room for hate.

Filling all the gaps I find
Love and comfort
Left behind.

I Am in Love

I am in love
With the sunlight as it dances
Across a field of tall grasses.

I am in love
With the raindrops as they
Bedazzle the flowers with diamonds
That shimmer in the sun.

I am in love
With the wind as it weaves its way
Through the trees creating beautiful music.

I am in love
With the clouds
Gently rolling across the blue sky.
Changing to shapes that delight the imagination.

I am in love
With the way life unfolds
Creating magical moments of delight
At every turn.

I am in love.