Be Mindful

"Be careful what you think."
She warned.
As she walked out the door.
Those things come back to bite you.
If you think a dark thought or two.
Keep it positive. Toward the light.
Be mindful of the thoughts which do not feel right.

Scoffing some. 'What did she know?
My thoughts are mine.
She cannot tell me so.'

Watching how her life unfolds.
Still not minding any words.
He set off angry and afraid.
Being mean to all who prayed.

The prayers continued.
The advice was there.
He did not mind it. Nor did he care.

Life went on. Carried through.
The others were all mindful, too.
Working on their thoughts and dreams.
Creating better and better things.
All a long sending prayers for all who need
Them. Regardless if they cared.

Years have passed.
He is still glum. Yet the rest are glowing.
Excited for what is to come.
Looking forward to life as it has begun.