Triggering Memories

A pinecone on the floor of the forest. I pause to look at it. Memories flood in.

The year PapPap asked us to collect pinecones so he could build a wreath. Morphing into the scent of the Christmas tree when it first enters the house.

Like a film clip the memories real on. Filling my heart with joy.

Christmas decorating with the kids. How they insist on hanging every ornament on the tree so it looks like someone dumped the whole box of decorations on it. Somehow in that chaos it manages to look beautiful.

Thank you pinecone for the lovely journey of memories from times ago. My walk continues, a little teary eyed for what was, what is, what might become.

Looking for Something

Memories in a box.
Not quite what I was looking for.
Have you seen my missing socks?
I guess I can dig some more.

Past the photo of the beach.
Past the shell, the memories,
Seems my socks are out of reach.

I want to dive in I say,
But not quite like this,
maybe another day?

His smile makes me pause,
For a moment, or two.
He looks so much like my kids,
So much like we all do.

Time flies!
Oh look at those skies!
One thing I never tire of
Is looking at the sky above.

Now we're was I?
Why am I here?
Looking for something.
Finding it near.
There are those socks!
Tucked up, buried, a little behind,
And under the box.