Be Still

In stillness one will see.

A quiet breath.

A quiet mind.

Bring it all to be.

How can one be still? There is always so much to be done, and so much I would like to do, how can I be still? Why take time to be stationary? At least, I used to interpret stillness that way.

I do take moments to truly be still and stationary. These moments are brief. Usually no more than fifteen minutes. The moments only run longer if I fall asleep, and yes, I have been known to fall asleep while trying to meditate. Usually because I slept poorly the night before. 

Mainly, I find that the stillness I truly need is a quiet mind which I find can be achieved doing other things that are not stationary. Walking is a great way to practice stillness in motion, as is, yoga or qi gong. I also find cleaning to be helpful as long as the mess is not too overwhelming. Some of my best ideas and inspiration have come while washing a window or sweeping a floor. I feel it is the repetitive motion and the need to be fully present.

Do you practice stillness? If so, how do you practice stillness?

Deepening Gratitude

She sat. Legs crossed. Eyes shut. Focused on her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Until everything fades away, and stillness is found. Images flicker behind her eyes. To rapid to consciously process, but they are processed and remembered. In. Out. Breathing. Flashing images. Repeated. Washed with love. Deep in gratitude. Slowly returning to the present. Where the stillness will carry her through the day. Where the breath will be focused on. Where her gratitude will be deepened. Where life will flow and unfold in calmness, wonder, and delight. In stillness, deepening gratitude, she lives and breathes each day. Sending love to all along the way.

Love and Comfort

Washed away all the bitterness,
The heartache, and the tears.
Left behind the anger,
The resentment, and the fears.
Releasing all that burdens me,
That does not resonate.
Quieting the mind for once.
There is no room for hate.

Filling all the gaps I find
Love and comfort
Left behind.