When Was…

When was the last time a conversation was exchanged

with more words than raspberries and giggles. Whispered

sniffles and delighted screams. Oh, I do not know,

but I think it appeared on a dream as summer came to an end.

Dew fell on the grasses and I bent to the wind. Fallen silent as I

contemplated the irony of it all. Escaped my mind to find…

When was the last time I danced with abandon. Not a care in the world.

Oh, yes. Yesterday. When that song came on the radio, and the mop

became a friend and we danced. Between fits of giggles and high

pitched squeals of delight, not mine, but yours…

and well…I stopped some where, between the moments,

longing for when…as the last time did not matter. No. This time, 

right here. Was. All. That. Mattered. Is all that matters.

Living fully in the moment, whatever that may be. 🙃

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

2021 http://www.carriedforth.com

By It’s Very Nature, It Is Immeasurable.

How can I love you all equally?

When love cannot be measured.

I cannot sift and pour my love

for you and your magical giggles.

There is no weight to weigh

when I attentively listen to your latest interest.

There is no volume to the gratitude I feel, which is love,

when your rabbit noses twitch merrily at my hands

as we greet each other good morning.

No. There is no way to measure it.

The joy that emits from your eyes when we run to greet one another.

Yet…I love you all. 

Equally so, although different in its ways, I love sharing

a laugh with a stranger. The immeasurable love that is the sky!

How or why should it be measured or questioned when the isness

of it all is far greater, far more comforting, than weighing the

whys and hows. There is no measurable means which is why love

spills out so easily and overflows bounds to reach all it can.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Expect Love.

The actions speak of kindness, generosity, and grace.

The words echo thoughts of love, laughter, and embrace.

Spoken in the air we breathe. Brought forth on our path.

Magic of miracles in moments meant to last.

Expectations of all we shall recieve. Speak of hearts and love;

a greater kind of need. Fully embraced by the light of truth.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

More Hearts!

In another post I wrote about a heart shaped flower, and I mentioned seeing lots of hearts lately. 

You may visit that post here: A Piece Of My Heart

I was ambling around the yard today with my camera in an attempt to receive inspiration. (Bonus the weather was hot with a mild breeze.)

I noticed the morning glory has grown into a rather attractive heart shape.

It causes me to reflect on the spiritual concept of oneness. As the larger heart is one heart containing many, unique, individual hearts. Ahh…


Anyway, more of that love shining in the world.
Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie
Please feel free to comment if you see, or have seen, any heart shapes.

Which reminds me: My son saw a hair band at the park that was lying on the ground in the shape of a heart. It was a bit yucky to have photographed, and my battery had died, your at least spared that detail. 😉 😏

Blessings again! ♥

Forever Watching.

The sun tucked away

in glorious rose, violet, blues and greys.

It spoke of promises yet to be made.

As it drifted away. Sleep would come

to some. In the morning we would wake

to find the sun creeping up in golden shades.

Wake we must. Today we trust in what our world will create.

Washing us from sleep filled haze to a brighter, golden day.

Because We Needed You.

Brought into this world.

Sparkling and brand new.

You needed no one,

but we needed you.

Your kind soul.

Your laugh and generosity.

Your quiet loud presence.

You often remind me

life is more pleasurable if we stop to play,

and we can continue to be lighthearted as we go about our day.