But I Don’t Want To Write About Love.

Do you know what love is?

What it feels like?

What it looks like?

What Love is?

I do. I don’t want to write about it.


Because it grips, holds, pulses breath through my very veins.

It’s too personal, emotional, real.

Yet it pours onto the page like honey from the spoon.

Slow. Calm. Sweet. Engulfing.

Leaving pause to wonder. 

What is love?

Why would one what to write about it?

When it’s the breath of life.

Seems redundant.

I hear you sigh…that long winded breath you release when I am petulant.

So I write. About love. Universal. Unconditional. Breath of all breath. Love.

As it should be. Pure. Simple. Heartwrenchingly beautiful. Joyful. Painful.

Even when I don’t think there are more words for it. I write.

But I don’t want to write about love.

Yet I cannot stop.

In Your Corner

Forever kept.

Forever breath.

Forever light.

In ever dark.

Forever step.

Forever march.

Forever open.

Forever tall.

Forever spoken.

Loving to all.

Forever stable.

Forever bloomed.

Forever over

The shimmering moon.

Forever in ever.

In your corner

I stand.

Waiting forever

For the touch of your hand.

It Will Be Clear

The path is opening wider up ahead.

The width is vast, wide, meadow land.

Prosperity and abundance dance together there.

In this land of higher levels, golden rays percolate.

Souls revel in the magic and delight that is.

Mist rises, rainbows appear, trees glow with life.

Abundance is in everything. Gratitude is breath.

Love glows mightily, brightly bouncing off the souls of everything.

In that moment, it will be clear, forever more.

I Love…

I love when things cannot be explained by the rational mind,

yet the heart sings merrily at the sight of them.

I love looking at calm waters in anticipation of what might lie underneath,

and marveling at the reflections morphing into patterns, forming

images of days before and ahead, or maybe in between.

I love when the sun is so high, so bright, the world feels so large and hazy,

as if everything were possible, as if everything were layed out like the clothes for

the party, as if the moon has aligned at that moment…As if.

I love…

too boldly for some, but I cannot dim it, not anymore.

đź’• Carrie

A Sound. A Word. All Unheard.

It all started with a sound. A pitch unheard by some.

Resonate in the hearts. Spoken far, wide, worlds apart.

No one knew. Suspected none. 

Until the sound, flowed off their tongues.

Unknown. Unheard. A word.

Spoken in a quiet voice.

Delivered to the highest choice.

Cold went warm. Dark to light.

Open hearts. Lack of fright.

The sound reverberated again.

Heard this time by a selected few.

Those who spoke of this truth.

It rolled with ease off the tongues.

Reaching farther and farther to the sun.

Until it resonates with all.

The sound will continue in equal

Measure. Rest assure.

Until it flows from every pore.

Spoken from the hearts of human.

Love. A word. Spoken.