I Want More, Too

You came to me 
Wanting more things,
More stuff.
Exasperating me.

I do understand the desire for more,
But what I long for 
Is not in a store.

I want more
More fun,
More love.

I want more
Slow walks,
Long talks,
More love.

I want more
More sunsets,
More love.

I want more, too!
Not more stuff.

I Want More, Too. was originally published on Carried Forth on July 28, 2019.
I was scanning the archives here at http://www.carriedforth.com and felt this poem reflected my ever present life with kids. They are abundant in many ways. Never lacking. Yet, like most of us mortals, they always want more. I understand. At the same time, it really is tough to have to be the one to say ‘No’ all the time. (err…most of the time. 😉😏) As the poem states, I always want more, too. As I grow my more becomes less material, although I do like my material things, and more about the feeling or being of life. I totally could be blissed out on a beautiful sky anyday! As always, love and blessings, 💕 Carrie 2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Long Gone

Nights are over
Darkness recedes
Black is a color
We choose to see

The day is here
Dawning brand new
We can all benefit
From this, it is true

Cast aside yesterday
For it no longer serves
Embrace today
Cherish all that is

Bring into this new
Love which gives and gives
Give to one another
Including oneself

Give gifts of great joy
Experience the wealth
Let love be your guidance
Stay true to yourself

Give all that you can
To all, including oneself

Generosity and kindness
Our new currency
You see
For the kindest will be wealthy

For this we shall believe

Love generously
Never forgetting a single being
Send love to the world
Pray we all will see

Night is over
Day has begun
Sing like the birds
Welcome everyone

Truth Is

The truth is
I want to fill my day
With play.
I want to bring joy.
Feel joy.
Be joy.
I am joy.
Deep in the depths of my known
I am joy.
I am love.
I am creation.
Fine, wonderful, beautiful,
Fulfilling creation.

The truth is
So are you.

We all are.
We all live this.
Love this.
Speak this truth.

Embrace your truth.
Your you.

Shine for everyone to see,
But mainly shine for you.
For when you light up yourself.
The world shines with you.

The truth is
Life can be amazing.
It can be joy.
It can be love.
At any moment.
The truth is
I choose to see life as love,
As kindness,
As gentle creation.

The truth is
I am alive.
I am joyous.
I am shining.

The truth is
We all are.

Love and blessings to you. 💕 Carrie

© 2019 Carried Forth


The loop, on repeat, endless drone of noise.
You pause it.
Quiet erupts.
Darkness enfolds.
We all do not know what to do with the quiet.
Fold into ourselves, we place decadence
On our mind health
Hold ourselves to higher standards.
Until we erupt from our own ashes.
Rising again
To feed our souls on beauty
Found in the natural order of things.
Feed our souls on music that revives.
Sending shivers down our spine
Until we cannot help but move to the rhythms.
Beats that enliven us.
Speaking poetic notes.
Vibrating to an unknown that feels more like home
Than this ever did.
Love shines from the inside
As we peel another layer of old
Ridiculous beliefs off ourselves.
Basking in the glory of knowing
That everything will be alright.
Give it time.
Air to breathe.
Laughter to sustain it.
Space to cry and bleed,
If need be.
We all understand at the core of it.
Yet when we awaken to the music
It seeps and pours out of everything,
Out of life.
We hear it all.
Melodies that make you dance.
Alive in the trees, the birds,the grasses
And streams.
Relish it!
For we are alive to live.
To breathe.
To give.
May the peace encompass you.
Radiate out of your soul.
To soothe all around you,
As you soothe yourself.
Love. The music of God.
Embrace it. As it has arrived.
Bringing joy.
Endless joy
Bubbling from the depths of the soul.