Lighten Up.

In an effort to add more laughter and joy to my days, I have set an intention to invite in more laughter.

Anyone reading this who sets intentions will know how powerful and delightful it is to do. 

Anyway, I was reminded yesterday I was not being very intentional in creating laughter. I asked to let in more laughter, and I found my youngest son’s magnetic spider. (Or rather, it found me as it almost got vacuumed up.)

Those of you who know me, might be aware that he and I have an on going prank with the fake toy spiders. We love using this magnetic one because, although not very life-like, it sticks to places where in dim lightning it can cause one to jump.

I immediately stuck it to the light switch, and continued on with the day.

My son came home from school. Did not notice the spider until I asked him to turns the lights off. 

The funny part of the prank…I scared myself about eight times yesterday. 

So like most days, I am pranking myself, finding light and laughter in the moments. Even when they do not go as planned. 😂

I lighten up and invite in laughter, even when it’s at my own expense.

As with anything humorous…you probably should have been there. 😉

Love and light to you readers,

Carrie ❤