The moments string together

like garland strung on the tree

hanging a little lopsided as the holidays

start to complete. Strung in those moments

if we look closely, are all sorts of blessings:

cheers and glee, heartache and grief, sad melancholy,

moments of relief, strung tightly wound, fraying at places, 

so beautifully arranged in other spots our hearts ache with glee.

All strung together to create life. Beautiful blessing bestowed.

Hearts overflow, break, fill, and overflow.

As it goes on, forever this way.


Sinking Into The Soar

watching hawk

rise then fall


dancing across the thermals

riding to his winter home

calling to his mate

she glaces back

falls to

find his place

he rises

they soar


to the winter


I watch

with awe

and a pinch

of longing

for the moment

I may soar

alone on my thermal

rising and falling

in the graceful dance

of flying 

of life


It Is Funny, Sometimes.

The look one gets when it all clicks.

It is funny, sometimes.

How the world always spins, the sun always rises,

the mortals always worry and fret, possibly missing the surprises.

It is funny, sometimes.

The way the wind tickles ankles and drifts through hair.

Caressing cares and worries. Pulling them away from here.

It is funny, sometimes.

I think I know exactly what is. Then life happens.

Leaving me slack jawed and awed. How did that twist come through?

It is funny, sometimes.


It is funny, sometimes.

Keep paying attention, because

it is funny, sometimes.

It All Feels Like Sunshine And Warm Rain.

Laughing with.

Smiling with.

Being with.

It all feels like ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

It feels like warm lattes with whipped cream,

like skipping through anything.

It feels like a warm breeze.

When life is just so…

it feels like sunshine and warm rain.

The Open Door

Gazing at the light pouring in. 

It’s bright. Inviting. Lovely light.

It calls us forward. Asking.

Do come now, for all will be brand new.

So it is.

Brand new. Doors open. Some close.

We focus on the ones we see.

Realizing the world holds all kinds of magic

beyond that open door.

Stepping through. No memories haunt us anymore.

Cool, vibrant thoughts. Memories of laughter and joy.

Fully expand us.

So when the sadness seeps in, we see it.

We watch it. Acknowledge it. Help it bloom into joy again.

So it continues. Open door. Moving forward.

Closing those we choose, or are chosen for us.

Either way it all works out.

We find our way. Stumbling, skipping, jumping, running, limping.

Whatever works in the moment. As it all is.

A door open.

The Day the World Hit Me

Smack! Right in the middle of the forehead. The world hit me.

Proceeding to fall to my lap. I opened my eyes to find the squishy globe. They call them stress balls because we are so stressed these days we need a ball to relax. I still cannot see how a squishy ball can relieve stress, but then again maybe since the kids delight in tossing it around the yard, it very well is doing it’s job of relieving stress. Yet it is called a stress ball? Not a stress relieving ball.

“Mom!” They chorus. “Throw it back!”

I look up from the ball. Raise my hand and toss them the world. Hoping with everything that they catch it. Hoping with everything the world does not hit them square in the face. Knowing that this is not the first time the kids hit me with the world and opened my eyes. Kids have a way of doing that. Catching ones attention in the most direct and random way.

The youngest caught the ball, and the game of catch continued. Brothers tossing the world around. Laughing in delight whether one caught it or not.

Drunk on Life

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to laughter.
Magnetized by joy.
Counting my blessings.
Grateful for love, life, and laughter.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to laughter.
Magnetized by joy.
Counting my blessings.
Grateful for love, life, and laughter.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to living.
Magnetized by love.
Overflowing with joy.
Grateful for everyone.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to love.
Magnetized by laughter.
Overflowing with abundance.
Grateful for life.

I am drunk on life!
Join me.

I Am in Love

I am in love
With the sunlight as it dances
Across a field of tall grasses.

I am in love
With the raindrops as they
Bedazzle the flowers with diamonds
That shimmer in the sun.

I am in love
With the wind as it weaves its way
Through the trees creating beautiful music.

I am in love
With the clouds
Gently rolling across the blue sky.
Changing to shapes that delight the imagination.

I am in love
With the way life unfolds
Creating magical moments of delight
At every turn.

I am in love.