The Unforgotten Friend

I remember you. Your smile.

The light you always shine on everyone.

Not just me. Not just your friends.

But all who passed you by. 

You saw the good in all our eyes.

You asked all the right questions.

Remembered all the right moments.

You where peace and calm.

Fun and love. Everything rolled into one.

I wish forever, and a day, I could have told you

how special you are. You where.

At the time I did not see. How unique. How different.

You where to all around. You made it look so simple.

Leaving us feeling profound. Warm, fuzzy, and alive.

Thank you for that. For you I strive to be the very thing you where.

With a twist to make it mine. It’s a life’s journey. Simple, but 

almost impossible at times.

Driving For Me

That moment when the car

pulls off the main road

takes the scenic route to 

the unknown, or slightly known.

It’s freeing and stomach clenching

all at once. God asked 

for a favor. Saying yes is a no brainer,

but the favor is beyond any comfort zone.

It feels like outer space

until the breath is remembered.

Breath in. Breath out.

Alive and well.

He knows I can do this

so here goes. Driving for me.

God’s in the passenger seat.

The sun warm through the open windows.

The birds are loud in the trees.

The road, slightly unknown,

still speaks of dreams.