The Grocery Store Giggles

Oh, how I could harness a thousand days

to step into one moment where that giggle

echoed across the aisles. Lifting the hearts

of our masked faces. Raising us up in one joyous celebration.

It was the joyous sound of the infant in the cart next to mine

who discovered the pleasurable sound of a crinkling chip bag.

May we all be blessed to find joy in the simplest of pleasures and laughter to fill our hearts.
Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


The Moments

Sometimes I am reminded of the moments

which come at me so fierce I laugh in surprise.

Like the time the cat hurried into the hallway

at the same time as I. He jumped in surprise.

His tail bushing like a squirrel’s tail. I laughed.

He looked indigent for a moment. Walking by twitching his tail

with his head held high. Glacing back long enough

for me to see the glint in his eye.

Laughing, he was. So was I.

Alchemy, In The World Of Magic.

The giggle.

Has the power to alchemize the soul

and the heart.

Heal the essence of wounds.

Break the barriers built on lifetimes.

The giggle in the world of magic.

Lifts the soul.

Alchemizes and recalibrates

the heart.

Takes the pain away.

The giggle.



Bursts Of Rainbows

Surrounded by the colorful, fragile orbs.

She sat. Observing the giggling.

The laughs. The creations. The bond.

As the orbs circled her.

Making popping chimes in her ear.

Wind shifting to blow them away.





Like the laughter.

Like the moments leading to this.

Perfect creation.

Bubbles of joy.

Lighten Up.

In an effort to add more laughter and joy to my days, I have set an intention to invite in more laughter.

Anyone reading this who sets intentions will know how powerful and delightful it is to do. 

Anyway, I was reminded yesterday I was not being very intentional in creating laughter. I asked to let in more laughter, and I found my youngest son’s magnetic spider. (Or rather, it found me as it almost got vacuumed up.)

Those of you who know me, might be aware that he and I have an on going prank with the fake toy spiders. We love using this magnetic one because, although not very life-like, it sticks to places where in dim lightning it can cause one to jump.

I immediately stuck it to the light switch, and continued on with the day.

My son came home from school. Did not notice the spider until I asked him to turns the lights off. 

The funny part of the prank…I scared myself about eight times yesterday. 

So like most days, I am pranking myself, finding light and laughter in the moments. Even when they do not go as planned. 😂

I lighten up and invite in laughter, even when it’s at my own expense.

As with anything humorous…you probably should have been there. 😉

Love and light to you readers,

Carrie ❤