With Heartfelt Gratitude, I Say Thank You.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

I say thank you

to the workers who are still going to work.

Thank you to the teachers who are teaching our kids.

Thank you to the retail workers who still are essential.

Thank you to the rescue workers who always keep us safe.

Thank you to the mailpersons, delivery drivers, and parcel handlers.

You are keeping us connected.

Thank you to the tech people who keep this internet up and running.

Thank you to the earth for continuing to spin.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you who are doing your best to get through this.

With heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you to all.
May you all receive love, blessings, and joy throughout your day. 💕 Carrie

Words Have Power

Words have the power
To weld a large knife.
The power to cut through,
Cut down.

Words have the power
To punch in the gut.
The power to knock out,
And knock down.

Words hold the power
To lift back up.
The power to inspire,

Words hold the power
To create peace.
The power to bring love,
Comfort and relief.

Use words carefully.
Do not weld a knife.
Use words like healing balm.
Create a better life.

I Understand.

Frustrated and angry, but trying to stay strong. I felt as if all options were gone. I was exacerbated! Totally undone. Apparently, my approach was not working.

Reluctantly, I listened to that whisper that said, get help my friend. So help I got. From sources I did not expect helping, and from sources I actively looked for.

All along the way, they said, “I understand.”

Those words hit me in the gut the first time I heard them. The first time I looked for help from a new place. A stranger to me, yet kindness and understanding was found in our exchange. It was unexpected. I apologetically burst into tears. Not sure what to think. For years I had been struggling, being told it was all my fault. I was told I was to blame. Those two words were spoken (I understand.), and they broke me in a good way. Hit me were I needed it most. Right in the heart. A new start. A beginning. The point were I sought more help, more people who said, I understand. Me, too! More people who got it! More people who saw the challenges, who understood the pain, who decided to take it all and transform it into kindness, and caring. Transform it into love!

I still live with and encountered people who think I am to blame, but I choose to see them as they are. I choose to seek out those who chorus, “Me, too !” ; “I understand.” . Because I understand, too. Life can be hard, but we all can choose to be more understanding, more loving, and more kind. We can be the person who lifts up another. The person who lends a shoulder. The person who understands. Because we all need that. We all need someone, even a stranger, to say, “I understand.”

Love and blessings to you. 💕 Carrie

I Understand

I understand.
Yes, I do.
I understand.
I have been there, too.

I understand.
It was not exactly the same.
I understand.
There is no need to blame.

I understand.
It hurts right now.
I understand.
You will get through, some how.

I understand.
I really do.
I understand.
I love you.

You Mean A Lot To Me

Although I forget,
To say thank you,
I love you,
You mean a lot to me.

Although I forget,
To express my gratitude,
To hear you through,
You mean a lot to me.

Although I forget,
The simple things,
The joy you bring,
You mean a lot to me.

What I do remember,
Is your dedication,
Your hopes and dreams.
You mean a lot to me.

What I remember,
You working hard,
You pushing through,
You mean a lot to me.

What can I say,
Words are not with me those days,
Yet silently, I pray. Because
You mean a lot to me.

So if I forget,
Remember this bit,
You mean a lot to me.

I Am THAT Person

I am THAT person
Who gets excited when you go on vacation.
I am THAT person
Who cheers for you when you run a race.
I am THAT person
Who celebrates your accomplishments.
I am THAT person
Who jumps for joy when you win a prize.

I am THAT person
Who weeps for you when your heart is broken.
I am THAT person
Who hurts with you when you stub your toe.
I am THAT person
Who struggles with you when you are alone.
I am THAT person
Who prays for you when you need it most.

I am THAT person
Who sees the world as a brighter place.
I am THAT person
Who believes in miracles.
I am THAT person
Who creates pockets of love for you to rest in.
I am THAT person
Who loves so much it overflows to you.

In Confidence

I spoke in quiet confidence,
sharing my pain and grief with you.
I spoke the truth.
Thinking I would find understanding,
comfort, or acknowledgement from you.

You stood up
when I finished.
No kind words came out.
Instead you turned from me,
and started to shout!

You screamed my words,
my pain, my life.
You screamed for all to know.

Then you turned,
smugly smiling,
thinking I would hide,
because the world now knew,
my deepest pain and grief.

You were shocked
to find me standing tall.
In confidence,
I stood.
I will never choose to be small.

In your desire
to show the world my pain,
you also exposed yourself
for who you are.

In confidence,
I will not turn to you again.
In confidence,
I can walk away,
knowing without a doubt,
that I am safe now.

You cannot scream my pain and grief
to the world no more.
I will not hold it in,
but use it to inspire others
so they, too, can walk on
in confidence.

Captured, But Not Captive

Hawk perched on the wooden dowel. Waiting for his meal. His wing grew stronger with the passing of each day. He knew it would not be long before he was soaring high in the heavens. How he longed to be free.

The women who found him and fixed him; talked to him daily. Letting him know he would not be a prisoner there. He would be strong enough one day to soar again.

He tried to patiently wait for the day of his release. While knowing he would miss some of his healing days, as the women who tended him, gave him hope. Her kind eyes always met his piercing gaze as she handed him his meal.

He planned to watch over her when he was free. Keeping the mice and rabbits out of her yard.