I Don’t Know

The kids never question the things I do not know.

They happily look it up with me and

we learn. About night hawks and sparrows,

why the clouds are there, stars and planets,

gross crawly bugs and insects (what is the difference).

We learn. As I teach them, they teach me. I learned that

I enjoy creating ways to make them laugh. 

Not the groans they emit when I tell corny jokes, but

those deep belly laughs and musical giggles. Things I celebrate.

I do not know how time will change things. 

Where the next laugh will be.

I do know that I am learning along side them.

Which is the most abundant blessing.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Split In Two

Mom can you?

From all two.

Get me mine now!

No, me first.

They both yell.

If only I could split in two,

but one would only to wait on you.

Why’s that? ‘ They ask.

Because if I could split in two

My other half would be at the beach. It’s true.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

You Sat On Me!

Plop. Down like a brick.

Ouch. Man, that was quick!

You giggled that giggle that warms and melts souls.

I braced for the numbness to pass.

Did I mention how heavy and hard you plopped down?

Ouch. But that’s okay. Because you are growing everyday.

Very soon. It won’t be cool. To plop on mom’s lap. 

So I will take it. Enjoy the moment. For as long as it will last.

Because those moments always pass. Leaving me with the reverberation of your laugh.

Hoping I was present enough to soak in all the details that make being your mom so very rewarding.

With Loving Embrace

Sitting cross legged on the floor.
Reaching for a little more
From the pile of blocks and toys.
Chaos and a lot of noise.
Erupting from those tiny lungs.
Brother used the special one.
Peace and quiet could be restored.
If only, they were not so floored.
A scuffle and some words exchanged.
Should I step in again?
Wait it out to see what comes.
Maybe they will agree to some
Thing which works for both of them.
Maybe they will find a solution.
Tears stop, emotions smooth.
It's quiet now. What will they do?
Brother finds another special block.
Beneath the pile. Now they talk.
Who's building will be tallest,
Smallest, sortest, fall first.
Laughter then erupts.
Peace restored. Love a must.

Walk With Me

Hand outstretched. He asked. “Walk with me?”
Follow where I lead. Taking his hand,
I follow. Arm pulled and tugged. Up rugged hills.
Down narrow paths. To a wide open field. We’re he
giggles with delight. The sun is warm. The air clean.
Movement catches our eyes. We turn, as one, frozen in time. Silently searching. What was that? Looking.
Looking. ‘Oh! There it is!’ Laughing quietly. We watch the small bird flit around the log. Dancing, in his search for bugs. Silently nodding we walk back. Slowly. Taking a new path. Your hand small in mine. Walk with me, forever, in this life.

To my children who always insist I walk with them to share the magic of their worlds. May we always find moments to walk together.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie

Owl Grant Your Wish

Owl sat on his tree limb, waiting, as always, for a wish to buzz by.

Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz…

“There it is!” He laughed.

Grabbing it out of the air with his beak. He quickly grasped it in his talons, and gently unfolded it.

“I wish for a new bike.” The wish said.

“We will see.” thought Owl.

He closed his eyes and brought up a vision of the boy who wished for a new bike.

The boy was playing with a group of kittens, who’s mom was out hunting a meal for them. The boy had sandy blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a heart that shone brightly.

Owl smiled and choose to grant the wish.

The next day, Timmy, the boy who wished for a bike, was in town with his mom. They were buying groceries.

Upon leaving the store, Timmy saw an ad for a bike, like the one he wished for. He asked his mom if he could have the bike. She smiled and said they would have to see how much it cost.

Timmy sighed. Praying it did not cost much.

It turned out, the boy who owned the bike had bought a new bike and wanted to pass his old bike onto someone else.

The someone else turned out to be Timmy.