Joy Bringers

The love and light. Energy so high.

They lift us up. Help us fly.

The ones who bring joy to everything.

We celebrate you today!

We love you for your bright faces.

Your loving light and grace.

Oh, we celebrate, all who lift us up!

I am blessed to have known, and know, people who are the light of the world. Humble and beautiful souls who inspire all who are blessed to know them.

These little ones, although not human souls, are abundant in their joy! They are a tremendous source of light in our world as they live each moment with sheer joy and love.

I find most animals to be tremendous joy bringers.

Do you have an animal, or more, that brings joy into your life?

Until next time:

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie


Cultivating Joy

Look at the world!

Full! Full of wonder!

Full of joy!

How can one learn to employ?

It is such a simple sounding concept, cultivating joy. Yet, some days it can be very elusive. Finding joy in a moment when the day is so rushed. There is so much to do. So much…

Yet on those days, when I pause for a moment to watch a bird or gaze at the sky, I feel the joy. Deep inside. Pulling up a smile. A laugh. The lightness of it all.

It is those moments I look back on when I feel tense or stressed in the day. Because I can reflect on how one moment was full of joy.

Some days those moments are a shared laugh, the joy of completing a task, or the quiet time between the needs of the children.

All the time consciously cultivating joy through gratitude, understanding, and sheer will.

How do you cultivate joy in your life? 

Bringing Up Joy

She was raised on sunshine, rainbows, and moonbeams. 

Hearts full of wonder, she left to find her dreams. 

The road was paved in many things, from gold, to stardust, to dirt. 

She found it all enchanting. 

Enlivened by the breadth of life. 

Her love had shone on and on, until the last had come. 

She layed her head upon the earth and spoke that she was done. 

The flowers rose around her. 

The bird sang heartily. 

Animals and fairies stopped to have their say. 

She quietly received them. 

Smiling as they say, 

how much her very life had brought sunshine to their day.

The Open Door

Gazing at the light pouring in. 

It’s bright. Inviting. Lovely light.

It calls us forward. Asking.

Do come now, for all will be brand new.

So it is.

Brand new. Doors open. Some close.

We focus on the ones we see.

Realizing the world holds all kinds of magic

beyond that open door.

Stepping through. No memories haunt us anymore.

Cool, vibrant thoughts. Memories of laughter and joy.

Fully expand us.

So when the sadness seeps in, we see it.

We watch it. Acknowledge it. Help it bloom into joy again.

So it continues. Open door. Moving forward.

Closing those we choose, or are chosen for us.

Either way it all works out.

We find our way. Stumbling, skipping, jumping, running, limping.

Whatever works in the moment. As it all is.

A door open.