A Letter I Will Not Send; Was Received.

Dear, dear me,

I acknowledge you. I see you. I am grateful for you. 

I ask that you show up more fully in life. Show up with more joy and laughter. 

I ask that you show up with more love, not only for those you come in contact with, but for yourself. Love you. Love your ability to see the beauty, before you notice the mud. Love your ability to find beauty in the mud.

Love your ability to be always and forever grateful, even when; especially when, you are working towards a solution. No matter how small or big the opportunity is, you tackle it with as much gusto as you can summon.

Sure that gusto looks different each day, because it is different. Each day is different. Because each day should change.

Change is a good thing. It is what launches the best adventures, the most golden opportunities, and the most joyous results. When you choose to embrace it.

Big changes are always coming. You will always make it past them. Start embracing them. Joyously seeking the changes. Openly receive the changes. For you deserve the best life possible. 

To receive that best life, you must let go. Open your heart. Breath deeply. Surrender to the universe. Trust.

In the trust, you will find, the most delicious, loving, and joyous life.

Free from all that ails you. Free to live fully in the moment you choose.

You are now free. Live. Be love. Embrace love. Shine brightly and boldly. For the whole universe has your back, and the universe is not going anywhere.

Truly and forever yours,


Life Should Be Beautiful

Those gray days

Grip so fierce

You might complain

But complaints no longer roll off your tongue


Instead you see the beauty in it all

The light filtering through the clouds

Trickling down

Enough to clear the haze in your mind

Enough to remind you

There is beauty in every moment

Some moments just require a little more


Yet when that beauty is found

You will sigh out loud

Smile slightly

Feel whole worthy fresh

Because life is beautiful

Even in those moments when we need to actively search for the beauty

Choose to Believe

Make the choice.
Stick to it.
Watch it grow.
Watch it stick.
Add more fuel.
Are you sure?

Yes! Let it grow some more.
It is an inkling
At the moment.
It will be huge
Don't you know it!

Bring it up inside of you.
Nurture it.
Let it grow.
That little seed will grow, and grow.
To bigger things than you will know.
Keep it alive.
Don't squash it now.
You will see the importance of your work
Sooner than you think.
Take a deep breath
And choose to believe.