Dreams Are Possible

Follow the footsteps. Follow the  sound.

There is potential to lift off the ground.

There is tremendous power. The power to soar and glide.

Take the chance and opportunity. Touch the sky.

Enjoyment comes from within to light a path profound.

Gracing you with glory. The universe has one crowned.

Always Amused

Heartfelt laughter filled the air.

Crisp with sounds of fun and cheer.

Finding a moment or two

To look at the world and laugh. It’s true.

Always amused by the way the light filters

Through the glass on a clear morn.

How the patterns resemble hearts, catterpillars, squiggly lines

which remind me of the early drawings that hung on the refrigerator.

Smiling at that. Amused at the fact, the sun can deliver a memory

worth savoring, shift slightly and create something new.

Always amused by the way the mind works in undulating patterns.

Appearing random, but intricately laced together to form a life

of pleasure, woven through the tapestry of time, beating to a rhythm

uniquely mine. A rhythm easily and always amused.

Filling the air with laughter and joyous noise.

Enough to bring this life a glorious choice.

The choice to remain always amused.

It Will Be Clear

The path is opening wider up ahead.

The width is vast, wide, meadow land.

Prosperity and abundance dance together there.

In this land of higher levels, golden rays percolate.

Souls revel in the magic and delight that is.

Mist rises, rainbows appear, trees glow with life.

Abundance is in everything. Gratitude is breath.

Love glows mightily, brightly bouncing off the souls of everything.

In that moment, it will be clear, forever more.

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Life Before Spring

The trees shiver with anticipation.

Pumping life into the sleepy limbs.

Soon the buds, then the leaves, then the birds galore.

It’s the quiet, prepping time, before the growth begins.

The silent humming, branches strumming, birds singing strong.

Belting out melodies to help wake the trees with song.

The songs wake everything. The anticipation is strong.

How much longer is not known, but soon winter will be gone.