Maybe I Could Always See.

It all unfolds in front of me.

I should embrace all that I see,

But some of it is cast in mist 

Hiden behind a backward twist.

I pay close attention.

See all I should not mention.

Absorbing and transmutting it.

Until I realize, I could always see it.

The pain and heartache. The soul crushing tears.

The screaming and yelling. The belief in our fears.

It all was up in my face. 

Until I decided to replace

The burdens and the heartaches. All of the rest.

With a gentle, quiet knowing that You would take care of this.

New Beginnings All Around

Here for the offering. Here for the joy.

A new beginning. A brand new way to see the world. Enjoy!

Let it flow over you. Bring forth the light.

There is no judgement now. No bickering. No strife.

Only love. Compassion. Understanding. That is it.

Come on over to this beautiful world where God asks us to sit

with him. Take his hand. Offer up a prayer.

Ask for what you truly need. You’ll find your answer there.