She scooped the grain into the feeder and checked the bucket of water. Humming quietly to herself. Warm breath tingled her exposed ear. She smiled. Turning to lean into the embrace. He lowered his head on her shoulder. Warm, chocolate eyes met hers as they finished the embrace. She patted the spot between his eyes as he let out a short snort of appreciation. 

Speaking quietly to him, she relived the week in snippets of memory. Recounting the parts she knew he would snort his laugh of aporoval. When she got to the story of tripping down the steps of the house into the biggest mud puddle ever imagined, he started bobbing his head in laughter.

Life was easy with him. He got her like no other did. He felt the same about her.

Grateful to have found one another. He finished his breakfast while she gathered the brushes and tack. They planned the day together as she brushed him.