A Toast to New Beginnings

Although the day started out the same,
Like any other day.
It's new! It's new!
You chorus to me.
Embrace the day!
Let it be!
Think of it in all of its newness.
Celebrate the way that the day unfolds.
See the blessings, the opportunities, and magic.
Watch your eyes open wide.
For today is new,
And fill of surprise!

Embrace the day, and it's glorious unfolding.
See the deliciousness in every moment.
Toast the day!
To new beginnings!
Let's go celebrate!


The light is burning brighter,
Beckoning us to follow through.
Come now it says, the light has found you.

Follow, we must, it is our choice,
To be guided by the light,
Beckoning us to follow through.

It speaks to us in whispers.
Guiding us to flow with it,
Toward the unknown.

Can you hear the call,
Beckoning to come forward,
The time is now.

Do not hesitate.
Do not fear.
Come toward the light now,
For the light will keep life clear.