Pen To Paper To Life

Written in the words of fantasy and worlds.

Spoken or unspoken it cast a world for thee.

We hold the very depth of what we seek inside.

Quiet minds and quiet hearts guide us in our time.

We seek solace in others. Turning from ourselves.

Deep in the heart of it, come back to the self.

Held up in our knowing. Strong in our word.

Grateful for the moment

because it all leads to something better each day.

Our minds can hold the truth our heart speaks.

We shall listen. Go forward. Keep it shining bright.

Even if the spark is small. It will grow over time.

Creating A Divine

Painting. Breathing. It’s all the same to her.

The portraits and landscapes show all the world.

Her eyes are the light and shades of dark.

Shadows cast upon the trees. Illuminating what we see.

She captures all these nuances in every brush stroke that she breathes.

Painting from her heart. The world she always sees.

With Heartfelt Gratitude, I Say Thank You.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

I say thank you

to the workers who are still going to work.

Thank you to the teachers who are teaching our kids.

Thank you to the retail workers who still are essential.

Thank you to the rescue workers who always keep us safe.

Thank you to the mailpersons, delivery drivers, and parcel handlers.

You are keeping us connected.

Thank you to the tech people who keep this internet up and running.

Thank you to the earth for continuing to spin.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you who are doing your best to get through this.

With heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you to all.
May you all receive love, blessings, and joy throughout your day. đź’• Carrie